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Jewelry, Wands, Rings, Buttons, Tattoos, Garters & Masks

Shirts and Sashes     Tiaras, Veils, Hats and Bobblers     Name Tags

Click on photos for detail - No wholesale on this page.

   Penis Rose Bouquet - $12.00 Sale! $9.75

  Cute plastic peckers with pink ribbons and organza, very cute!




   Fancy Pecker Wand - $4.49

  Cute plastic peckers with ribbons and marabou feather trim.  Wand is wrapped with ribbon giving it a pretty and complete look.  Approx. 16.5" long.  Assorted colors, let us choose for you.



   Penis Wiggly Wand - $3.50

  Pink marabou feather with silver tinsel and a sparkling pink wiggling penis top a silver plastic wand.  12.5".  Click here for matching tiara.



    Out of Stock

   Pecker Princess Wand - $9.50 Sale! $7.99

  Be the princess of peckers and wave your magic wand.  Silver plastic royal heart with pink plastic penis.





   Hangover Kit Necklace - $6.87 Sale! $5.98

   Hangs around bachelorette's neck until needed, then it is a lifesaver!  Capsule includes aspirin to get rid of headache, antacid for gas, barf bag for cookie tossin', fresh wipe to clean up any loose cookies and breath mint to mask that stinky barf smell! 



   Bachelorette's Garter - $2.50

   Black and white garter with pink Bad Girl decal detail.  Tease guys and then toss it.  Make a game of it, such as having to dance with the guy who caught it, stuff cash into it made from kissing guys, dares or drinking shots.  Inexpensive enough to get one for each of the girls.  One size fits most.  Packaging now says Hen Night, not Bachelorette, but garter is the same.



   Li'l Devil Garter - $3.25

   For the last night the bachelorette can say, "The devil made me do it."  White satin and lace garter with pink vinyl devil heart on black lace.  One size fits most.



  Kiss Garter - $4.98 Sale! $3.49

   Can be worn on leg or arm.  Use with the buck a kiss tee shirt to stash your cash in!  Matching Kiss Tattoos sold further below.





   Lace Leg Garter - $2.99

   Cute garters for any occasion or game playing.  Super high quality.  Matching hearts or bow appliqué.  Choose from several colors.  If we're out of stock in what you select, we'll substitute it with next closest color.  One size.


Giant Fake Wedding Diamond Ring

   Giant Engagement Rings

   Bigger than anything Elizabeth Taylor has!  These beautiful 'rocks' are huge and can be seen a mile away!  Everyone will think she's marrying a doctor or a prince!  She may even wear it to the wedding!  1K ring is about 1 inch in diameter, 10K ring is about 2 inches in diameter.  Due to extreme cold from air transit and it's rare that it happens, the glue might separate from the ring on the base.  If this happens, simply re-glue with a hot glue gun, nail glue or any other quick drying type.


Collossal Ultimate Diamond Ring   Colossal Ultimate Diamond Ring - $2.50

  This hard plastic ring is almost as big as a bracelet, 3 inches in diameter.  Fun for balloon weights, paper weight, napkin rings, the spare joke ring for the groom at the wedding, table favors, joke gift for the bride, put on a cord and wear as a necklace charm, joke gift from fiancé when he's popping the question, present topper, etc.  Due to extreme cold from air transit and it's rare that it happens, the glue might separate from the ring on the base.  If this happens, simply re-glue with a hot glue gun, nail glue or any other quick drying type.  Pricing for 72+ pcs. is $2.25 special order takes 10 days.


Giant Fake Engagement Ring   Gigantic Light Up Ring - $3.75

  This ring is plastic, but it looks like glass.  It has a beautiful bright blue LED light that twists on and off.  Battery included.  One size fits most.  Approx. 1.5" diameter.  Gift boxed so it's ready to give to the bride to be for a shower gift or to wear for a night out on the town.



   Mega Carat Light Up Ring - $1.99 ea.

  These cute rings are to wear on your finger and light up bright with a red LED.  Just twist and it shines up the night.  Fun for the whole group of girls.  Fun to use as a signal to each other at the bar or while out on the town.  Assorted band colors, we'll choose for you. Also available ring band in red and light shines red.  Battery included. One size fits most. Approx. 1" diameter.



   100 Carat Diamond Ring Keychain - $15.75 Sale! $13.98

  One of the best gifts ever!  High quality metal and 'diamond' ring holds plenty of keys with individual loops for each key.  Packaged in an attractive gift box with pink satin lining.  A great memento of her last night out or a reminder of her blissful days ahead.  This is really nice, not cheap metal.



   Mini Diamond Ring Charms - $4.99 pkg. of 12

  12 of the cutest little ring charms to use as stemware decorations, bracelet or necklace charms, make little earrings . . . so many things you can use these for!  Made of metal with glass stone, tied to a satin ribbon which can be removed.  Too small to be worn on the finger.



  Willie Strobe Light Button - $5.98

  Pink plastic with red flashing light that lasts for days.  Includes on/off button and clips to a hat or a shirt.  We love Willie, he's really cute.


  Bachelorette's Flashing Button - $4.98

  Bright red flashing strobe light demands attention and will let everyone know it's her "Last Night Out."  Flashes for days.  Handy clip to attach it to hat or shirt.  On/Off switch.  2 inches across.


  Bachelorette's Button Assortment - $4.98

  5 buttons with assorted sayings.


  Bachelorette Bubble Sticker Buttons - $2.99

  7 assorted wearable clear vinyl stickers with confetti inside for extra glitz.  Really cute, the pictures does not do these justice!


  Bachelorette Party Buttons - $5.25

  Seven buttons with three that say Party in Progress, three that say Party Girl and one that says Bride to Be.  All have 'Bachelorette Outta Control' on the top.



  I.D. Buttons - $5.00

  12 assorted 1 1/4 in. pink, blue, purple and yellow with white pin backed buttons with assorted sassy sayings.


   Bachelorette Party Ribbon - $5.00 Sale! $3.99

   Red satin ribbon with yellow center that says 'Girl's Last Night Out.'




   Bachelorette Body Jewels Stick-Ons and Tattoos - $.85 ea.

   Temporary tattoos and glittery stick-ons make the bachelorette and her group look sexy and wild! 


  Bachelorette Party Stickers/Tattoos - $2.49

  Eight removable stickers you can use on your clothing or skin to make a few bucks off your body or actions.  Phrases such as:  Blow for a buck, suck for a buck, touch for a buck, pinch for a buck, kiss for a buck.  Play at your bachelorette or adult birthday party in bars or public events to make some cash.  Lots of naughty fun.



  Assorted Willie Tattoos - $3.98

  Plenty for everyone!  Let everyone fight over all the different sizes.  Apply one to everyone's face in the party or apply one in a private area then dare to reveal it!  Just cut around each tattoo before applying.  Comes with instructions and Willie applicator sponge.


  Willie Tattoos - $4.98

  Slap one on each of the party guys or gals . . . or apply them all to one lucky person and make him or her put one on a naughty area, then dare to reveal it.  10 tattoos and sponge applicator.


   Kiss Tattoos - $4.98

   Make some cash by slapping these on the guys at the bars, reserve the real kisses for the cute guys!  Includes sponge to apply tattoos.  25 removable tattoos.


Penis ring bachelorette party gay   Metal Penis Ring - $9.00 Sale! $5.50

   Metal penis head ring.  One size fits most.


Outta Control Bachelorette Party Mardi Gras Beads Necklaces   Set of 3 Bachelorette Outta Control Mardi Gras Beads Necklaces - $4.00 Sale! $2.99

   Skip the boring bead necklaces and get the Bachelorette Outta' Control Beads! Three shiny pink strands of beads are included and each says, "Bachelorette Outta Control" in letter shaped beads. Why be plain when you can be outta control?


Rainbow Pride Mardi Gras Beads

  Rainbow Mardi Gras Beads - $2.00 Sale! $1.69

   Pack of 6 Rainbow Beads. Perfect for any fun event. From Beistle.



Festive Willy Beads   Festive Willy Beads Necklace - $11.95 Sale! $8.75

   Pearl and iridescent beads with willies make up this fun necklace for bachelorette's naughty birthday boys n girls or for Mardi Gras.  Nice quality necklace.


  Light Up Pecker Pendant - $7.50 Sale! $6.49

  Brilliant strobe lights illuminate this crystal pecker pendant. Batteries included.


    1 in stock

   Light Up Pecker Necklace - $12.00 Sale! $10.99

   This is a really nice quality necklace, Yes, it costs a bit more, but it's worth it with the cute iridescent beads, marabou puffs and light up peckers.  Comes with batteries and easy to replace.  Fun for birthdays or Mardi Gras too.


   Pink Pearls & Pecker Whistle Necklace - $12.00 Sale! $9.75

   Fun pink pecker whistle on a faux pink pearl necklace with 6 mini peckers.  (Feather trim is no longer on the product.)



Bachelorette Outta Control Lei

   Bachelorette's Outta Control Lei - $9.00 Sale! $6.50

   Get leid! This Bachelorette Party Outta Control Lei is fun, flirty, and fashionable.



Bachelorettes Last Night Out Lei Kit with Condoms Suck for a Buck

   Bachelorette's Last Night Out Lei Kit - $12.99 Sale! $7.99

   Guarantees she's get 'lei'd' on her last night out!  This wild kit includes all the fun stuff you need to make the bachelorette a few extra bucks.  Includes suck for a buck candies, condoms and enough safety pins to attach them to the lei.  She tries to sell each of the items to the guys for a buck.  Also includes medallion that says ''I've Been Lei'd!'  You can add other things to the lei such a blow pops, etc.



Light Up Pecker Lei Penis Necklace Bachelorette

   Fancy Pecker Headpiece - $8.99 Sale! $5.99

   Cute pink peckers on a silk-like lei with glittery strands.  Matches purple lei below.



Light up pecker penis lei necklace bachelorette mardi gras

   Light Up Pecker Lei - $10.99 Sale! $7.99

   Cute purple peckers that light up on a silk-like floral lei with glittery strands.  Matches headpiece above.



  Light Up Pecker Lei Necklace & Bracelet

  Bright little peckers flash brilliantly in these assorted colored plastic leis in hot pink, red, yellow, green, purple and blue, let us choose for you.  The more you order, the bigger variety you receive.




   Deluxe Pink & Black Feather Boa with Shimmer - $9.99 Sale! $6.99

   Fabulous 72" long light pink and black with silver mylar shimmers feather boa.



   Deluxe Pink Feather Boa - $8.99 Sale! $6.99

   Adorable 48" long light pink and dark pink feather boa.




  Bachelorette Dare Beads with Condom - $2.50 ea.

  Colorful beads with a fun pouch containing a condom and five fun dares.  Colors vary, let us choose for you.  These are available for wholesale in quantities of 72 or more.  Please call for prices, you must have a resale or business license to qualify.



   Naughty Jewelry - $6.50

   The perfect fashion accessories with colorful tiny peckers for a wild bachelorette party!  Includes: one Naughty Necklace and one Naughty Bracelet (sized to fit most wrists).



   Pecker Beads - $4.20

   Great for Mardi Gras, bachelorette or adult parties!  Choose from glow in the dark or flesh colored.





 Light Up Pecker Bracelet - $5.75 Sale! 3.99

   Little peckers in assorted colors light up by tiny LED's strung through pink, blue and purple beads.  Colors are similar as pictured, but vary.



Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace Gay Pride Bachelorette Party

   Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace - $6.00 Sale! $4.89


  Satisfy your sweet tooth with the colorful Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace. Makes you a stand out at any fun party event.



   Super Fun Penis Candy Necklace - $3.00

   Little candy penises in assorted tangy fruit flavors in a necklace!  Fun for bachelorette parties.  Make guys bite or suck one off and exchange for drinks, $$$ or dirty dares!  The fun and game possibilities are endless for just one little necklace!


   Dicky Charms Penis Candy Bracelet - $2.50

   Little candy penises in assorted fruit flavors in a bracelet!  Fun for bachelorette parties.  Make guys bite or suck one off and exchange for drinks, $$$ or dirty dares!  The fun and game possibilities are endless for just one little bracelet!  Use as an arm or ankle garter too.


   Candy Bracelets and Necklaces

  Why are these so fun?  Maybe they remind us when we were kids.  These are fun to wear and eat, so why not make a game out of it and have guys bite off candies for a buck, drink or dance?

     Necklace - $1.00

     Bracelet - $0.75

  Pecker Earrings - $3.30

   Cute penis shaped clip on earrings.  Glow in the dark or flesh colored.




  Girls Night Out Party Masks - $4.50

  Six paper masks adorned with glitter, rhinestones and feathers!  Really cute and fun.  Assorted sayings like Tease, Sexy, Flirt, etc.  Secures with stretch cord behind your head.



Dicky Nose Glasses Phoney Face  Pecker Phoney Face - $6.00 Sale! $4.89

  Put on a happy face!  Package design may vary.




Hanging Shot Glass Necklaces



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