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Penis Cake Pans, Cookie Cutters and Cookware

Click on photos for detail

No wholesale on this page.

Jumbo penis pecker cake pan   Jumbo Pecker Cake Pan & Gelatin Mold - $26.00 Sale! $20.99

   11 x 15 inches.  Takes about 1 1/2 boxed cake mixes.  Aluminum.  Shipping will be about 1.00 higher for East Coast and Midwest destinations.

   Click here for pecker candles!



Peni Cake Pan   Peni Cake Pan - $17.70 Sale! $14.25

   About 1 foot long.  Holds approx. less than one box of cake mix.  Special metal prevents rusting, possibly non-stick.  You can use as a gelatin or bread mold too!  Click here for pecker candles!




Penis Bake tray Cake Pan   Penis Bake Tray - $8.00 Sale! $7.00

   Now you can have your penis, and eat it too with the Penis Bake Tray. Penis shaped trays are a Bachelorette party must have! The tray is dishwasher safe. You can use this versatile pan for gelatin, cakes, bread, cookies, or even as a serving dish. 11 in  Click here for pecker candles!



Penis Pecker Cake Pan   Pecker Cake Pan - $18.00 Sale! $14.49

   11 x 7 inches.  Holds less than one box of cake mix.  Aluminum.  You can use as a gelatin or bread mold too! 



Pecker Penis Dick Cupcake Pans   Pecker Cup Cake Pan - $23.00 Sale! $18.49

   4 1/2 x 3 inches each.  Aluminum.  Use for gelatin or bread rolls too! 



Pecker Penis Cupcake Pans   Pecker Disposable/Recyclable Aluminum Cake Pans 2 pack - $12.00 Sale! $10.49

   Each cavity is 5 inches long and come in a pack of 6.  Made of aluminum, so when you're done baking, please recycle.


Penis Cake Pan Disposable Aluminum   Peter Party Disposable/Recyclable Aluminum Cake Pans - 3 sizes

   Take your party guests over- the-top with these hilarious penis shaped party cake pans. Bake two and stack them together with a creamy frosting center for a special "double layered" treat they'll love to eat!  Small is 5 inches long and come in a pack of 6.  Medium is 10 inches long and come in a pack of 2.  Jumbo is 14 inches long and come in a pack of 2.  Small pans are great for snack trays, ashtrays, toothpick holders or for used toothpicks.


Mini Penis Cake Pans   Peter Party Disposable/Recyclable Aluminum Cake Pans - $7.80 Sale! $6.25

   Nothing's so great as a peter-shaped cake. The Bachelorette Disposable Peter Party Cake Pan pack of six 5" pans lets you create naughty penis-shaped mini-cakes for your bachelorette party or any occasion that calls for a tasty, tantalizing treat.  Useful for little molds for jello, bread and snack trays.


Pecker Cake Making Kit

    Pecker Cake Kit - $70.00 Sale! $40.99

   Everything You Need For The Perfect Pecker Party! Includes: Pecker Foil Cake Pan, 1 Bag Cake Sprinkles, Pecker Cake Cutter, 8 Pecker Forks, 8 Party Plates, 8 Party Napkins and 8 Pecker Candles all in a nice box for gift giving.


Giant Willie Cake Gelatin Mould Silicone Mold

    Giant Willie Mold (cakes, gelatin, ice) - $13.00 Sale! $10.75

   Giant silicone willie mold is perfect for baking, jelly or frozen creations. Safe for ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers.



Giant Penis Cookie Cutters   Giant Pecker Cookie Cutters - $6.00 Sale! $5.25

   Set of three.  Tallest is 10 1/2 inches.  Plastic, comes in pink or purple, let us choose for you.  Use to cut out cake shapes and bread too or use as a stencil on a cake or for making paper penis decorations.




Metal Penis Cookie Cutters  Three Penis Cookie Cutters - $6.50 Sale! $5.25

  Carded set of three pecker aluminum cookie cutters.  Approx 3 - 5 inches.


Penis Cookie Cutters  Penis Cookie Cutters - $4.70 Sale! $4.49

  These cookie cutters will be a hit at any bash, while your party guests delight with every bite!  Comes in 2 different penis shapes.  Approx. 4 - 6".  Pink food grade plastic.



Pecker Cookie Cutters  Pecker Cookie Cutters - $4.75

  Three cutters.  Approx. 3 inches each in slightly graduated sizes.



Mini Penis Cookie cutters  Penis & Hearts Mini Cookie Cutters - $5.90 Sale! $4.99

  Cuts a dozen thin cookies at one time.  Approx. 2 inches each.




   Big Boy Skewer - $15.49

   Great for the barbecue just add the saucy sausage!


   Rude Egg Fryer - $5.75 Sale! $5.25 ea.

   Erotic and eggciting!  Perfect for all kinds of kinky cuisine:  Fried eggs, penis pancakes, booby burgers and perverted pizzas.  Made of non-stick coated metal.  Can be used as cookie cutters too.



  Pecker Apron - $7.00 Sale! $6.30

  Cute and colorful happy peckers are printed on this fun plastic apron.  One size fits most.





   For This I Got Married? Apron - $19.99

   No, For This!  Lift up towel to reveal the real reason why a gal gets married.  Great for bachelorette parties, anniversaries, etc..  Full sized white apron fits most.



Kinky Cookies Kinky Cookies




Click for Lots of Hilarious Aprons for Your Party!




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