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Penis Candy, Gummy Peckers, Penis Pops and Pecker Treats

Penis Chocolates

Click on photos for detail.  Prices shown will be for each piece, not the whole display box.

x rated adult candy treat mix   Adult Candy & Treat Mix - $27.99

   Perfect for piñatas, adult Halloween, stocking stuffers, swingers' parties or just because you couldn't resist.  A big gift bag tied with ribbon contains:  Edible flavored lube, chocolate body sauce, flavored condoms, assorted female and male gummy and hard candy lollipops, AmuseMints with naughty messages and related fun candy with plays on titles such as: Big Hunk, Blow Pops, Now and Later, Big Cherry, Whoppers, Dicktarts, Tit-tarts, bubble gum & candy cigarettes, candy lipstick, coconut Long Boys, Red Hots, Hot Tamales, Slap Sticks, Bit-o-Honey, Atomic Fire Balls, Wax Lips, Sugar Daddy, gummy lips, Sweet Tarts, Slo Poke, Cherry Heads, Hot Dogs gum, gummy cock ring, candy money, and more. (contents may vary). Choose for a mixed adult party or just for guys, gals, gay guys or lesbians.  Approx. 1 pound, 12 oz.  Ships Flat Rate to Midwest and East Coast.


Cum Shots Liquid Marshmallow Candy  Cum Shots Candy - $3.00 Sale! $2.50

   Penis-shape dispenses liquid marshmallow foam candy in Cotton Candy flavor. Gooey erotic fun.  3 flavors to choose from 50 g tube.



Head Job Oral Sex Exploding Candy    Head Job Exploding Candy - $4.50 Sale! $3.69 ea.

    Oral sex has never been so exciting.  Made with real sugar, no sugar substitutes, so it's not recommend for vaginal oral sex.  Choose from Cherry or Strawberry.  We may have to substitute if your first choice is out of stock.


jumbo rainbow cock pop   Jumbo Rainbow Cock Pops - $7.26 Sale! $5.99 ea.

   Take your tastes over the erotic rainbow with these multi-color Cock Pops. Sure to make any party come alive, with there bright neon color stripes and great fruity flavor taste!  8 oz, 5.5 x 1.5 in.



Jumbo cock pop   Jumbo Cock Pops - $7.26 Sale! $5.99 ea.

   Delicious hard candy shaped into a HUGE cock on a stick.  This sucker is really big and heavy.  Available in lots of fun flavors.  If your first flavor choice is unavailable, we'll substitute with a similar flavor.  Slight surcharge to East Coast or Midwest if you order two or more because of their weight, we can ship up to 6 flat rate.  Candy is 6 inches long without the stick, 8 ounces. 



rainbow coock pop

  Rainbow Cock Pop - $4.25 Sale! $3.69 ea.

   These are really pretty!  Just like the candy swirl lolly we begged our parents for at the fair when we were kids, but in a penis shape!  Yummy fruit flavors on a hard wood stick.  This is a really nice big piece of candy and is perfect for gift giving to someone especially naughty.  Candy is sold by the each, not the display box as shown.  3 oz ea.



Penis ring pop

rainbow cock ring pop

  Rainbow Cock Ring Pop - $2.25 Sale! $1.99 ea.

   These are really pretty!  Just like the candy swirl lolly we begged our parents for at the fair when we were kids, but in a small penis shape!  Yummy fruit flavors on a plastic ring that mist most.



Penis Solitaire Candy Ring Pops Candyprints

  Penis Ring Solitaire - $2.00 Sale! $1.80 ea.

   Assorted flavors of a delicious sweet crunchy candy penis on a ring band.  13 g ea.  Candy is sold by the each or the display tub as shown.  Our favorite ring pop hands down for flavor, quality and detail.



Candy Pecker ring pops

  Candy Pecker Pacifier Ring Pops - $1.50 ea.

   Assorted flavors of a delicious fruity hard candy penis on a ring band.  1/2 oz ea.  Candy is sold by the each.



Candy Pecker Bouquet  Candy Pecker 6 pc. Bouquet - $5.00 Sale! $4.29 ea.

   Cute little fruit-flavored candy roses on sticks with pecker pops blooming from the middle. 6 per bundle. 12 bundles in a pail display.



Candy Penis Bouquet  Candy Penis 6 pc. Bouquet - $5.00 Sale! $4.49 ea.

   Cute candy penis bouquet is as charming as charming can get!   Each bouquet has a red paper heart-shaped card attached.  50 gram bunch has 6 little individual colorful penis lollypops.



Penis Suckers Candy Prints

Candy Penis Suckers

  Penis Sucker - $2.00 Sale! $1.50 ea.

   Assorted flavors of a delicious sweet crunchy candy penis on a stick.  Let us choose for you.  The more you order, the greater variety you receive.  29 g ea.  30 pc. display sold too.



Jolly Pecker Pops

  Jolly Pecker Pops - $1.40 Sale! $1.19 ea. 

   Delicious sweet crunchy candy penis on a stick.  Assorted fruit flavors in Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Apple and Orange.  Let us choose for you.  .88 oz ea.  Sold by the each or 50 pc. display.



All day penis sucker

  All Day Penis Sucker - $2.50 Sale! $2.05 ea.

   Assorted orange and cherry flavored clear hard candy penis suckers are perfect for any adult party.  Let us choose flavor for you.  1.09 oz ea.  4 1/4" long with stick, candy itself is approx. 2.5".  Candy is sold by the each or by the display box of 60 as shown.



cocktails penis lollipop poina colada candyprintscocktails margarita penis popCocktails Lollipop Strawberry Daiquiri   Cocktails Lollipops - $3.00 Sale! $2.60 ea.

  What is shaped like a penis and tastes like your favorite frou-frou drink?  Cocktails of course!  Once again, our favorite naughty candy makers, Candyprints, have created a delicious addition for any girls night…or boys night out!  Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, cake decorations, drink stirs, or even as just a yummy lollypop. These super affordable goodies are guaranteed to be a hit!  CHEERS! Red Strawberry Daiquiri, Yellow Pina Colada, Beige Screaming Orgasm, Dark Brown Chocolate Liqueur, White Mojito and Green Margarita flavored, Non alcoholic.  1.1oz.  Sucker measures 3” x 2” (at widest point) with 2.5” stick.  Choose your first flavor choice, if we don't have enough, we will have to substitute.




Liquored Up Lollipop Penis Cocktail Flavors   Liquored Up Cocktail Flavored Cock Pops - $3.00 Sale! $2.60 ea.

  Penis-shaped candy on a stick tastes like  Choose your first flavor choice, if we don't have enough, we will have to substitute.  42 grams each.  Available in Strawberry Daquiri, Bahama Mama and Mai Tai.  Non-alcoholic.


Rainbow Sweet & Sour Gummy Pecker Penis Gummies Eat a Dick

   Rainbow Sweet & Sour Gummy Pecker - $10.00 Sale! $8.49 ea.                  

   Pucker up, lick and suck with the jumbo sweet and sour pecker power edible gummy cock pop! Succulent super sweet and sour taste will have your lips puckered up and ready to suck!...and it will drive anyone within eye shot wild with erotic excitement!  9.3 oz.  Approx. 5.5 inches.



Jumbo Gummy Pecker Lollipop

   Jumbo Gummy Pecker - $10.00 Sale! $8.49 ea.                  

   Turn on everyone around you. Pucker up and lick and suck with the Jumbo Strawberry Gummy Pecker Cock Pop. 9.3 oz, Approx. 9.3 oz..



Big Gummy Pecker

   Big Gummy Pecker - $3.00 Sale! $2.49 ea.                  

   Fruit flavored succulent penis shaped gummie. Made with real fruit juice. Strawberry flavor.  Chewy fun for everyone. 1.75 oz., approx. 4 x 2.5".



  Marshmallow Willies - $7.99 ea.

   'We taste so divine, you're heading for cloud nine.'  1.75 inch pink sugar sanded little penis marshmallows!  4.94 oz, boxed.



Succulent Hard Willies Penis Candies   Succulent Hard Willies - $7.00 Sale! $5.75 ea.

   Suck On This! Succulent Hard Candy Peckers Come In Fancy Metal Tin. There Are 3.18-Ounces Of Individually Wrapped Candy In The Tin. Each Candy Is Shaped Like A Tiny Penis And Come In A Variety Of Flavors. The Perfect Treat For All Your Naughty Friends!



Strawberry Pecker Bites Penis Candy   Pecker Bites - $7.30 Sale! $5.89

  Perfect for bachelorette parties, cocktail parties or any adventure! Strawberry flavor.  Individually wrapped.  3.88 oz bag.



Candy Willies Penis shaped candies   Candy Willies - $6.00 Sale! $4.99

  Delicious multi-colored candies are willie shaped and packed with sleeve cover with a willie window!  Each color is a different flavor. For bachelorette parties, ladies nights out, fun events. 6.17 oz.


Pecker Candy Dish   Pecker Party Candy Dish - $11.00 Sale! $10.49

   Sure to sweeten up any party.  3 6" pink plastic pecker shaped dishes, 125 pc bag of Weenie Chews, a container each of tiny penis and boob candies.  Packaging and products may vary.




Pecker Cake Sprinkles   Pecker Cake Sprinkles - $3.00 Sale! $2.50

  These cute little pecker shaped sprinkles will really liven things up at your next party event...when your unsuspecting party guests go to take a bite of whatever you sprinkle them on to! These sweet little treats really ad fun to the tip of the tongue!  Package design may vary.  56 grams.


Penis Cake Candy Sprinkles   Pecker Candy Sprinkles - $3.00 Sale! $2.50

  Great penis shaped tiny candies for cakes, cupcakes, truffles, cookies and more.  Package design may vary. 55 grams.


Weenie Bites Candy Penis    Weenie Bites Candies - $3.90 Sale! $3.70

  Pecker shaped multi flavored candy.  3.88 oz. bag of purple, pink and white candy penises, but may vary slightly.


Super Fun Penis Candy

Super Fun Penis Candy - $4.00 Sale! $3.65 100 pc bag

   Little candy penises in assorted tangy fruit flavors.  Cute for decorating cupcakes, cake borders or just to eat out of the bag!  100 pc. 3 oz. bag. 


Super Fun penis candy 5 piece packs candyprints

Organza Bags

Bachelorette Party Favor   Super Fun Penis Candy 5 pc Packets

   Little candy penises in assorted tangy fruit flavors.  Packed five pieces per little clear pack.  Little organza bag (only 5 flower bags left in stock, lots of the other colors are in stock).



Super Fun Penis Candy

Super Fun Penis Candy in Glass Jars

   Little candy penises in assorted tangy fruit flavors.  Cute for decorating cupcakes, cake borders or just to eat out of the bag!  Available in penny candy snap lid glass jar that holds 2.8 oz or glass screw top jar that sits at an angle or straight up (just like in a candy store, but really tiny!) holds 1.1 oz.  These little glass jars are great for reusing to hold spices, medications, etc.  Shown empty for better detail, but will be full of candies.



Super Fun Penis Candy Necklace CandyPrints   Super Fun Penis Candy Necklace - $2.50 Sale! $1.99 ea.

   Little candy penises in assorted tangy fruit flavors in a necklace!  Fun for bachelorette parties.  Make guys bite or suck one off and exchange for drinks, $$$ or dirty dares!  The fun and game possibilities are endless for just one little necklace!  Use as a garter or twist twice to make it into a bracelet.



   Dicky Charms Penis Candy Bracelet - $2.70 Sale! $2.60

   Little candy penises in assorted fruit flavors in a bracelet!  Fun for bachelorette parties.  Make guys bite or suck one off and exchange for drinks, $$$ or dirty dares!  The fun and game possibilities are endless for just one little bracelet!  Use as an arm or ankle garter too.


Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace Gay Pride Bachelorette Party

   Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace - $6.00 Sale! $4.89


  Satisfy your sweet tooth with the colorful Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace. Makes you a stand out at any fun party event.



Dick N Dip Penis Candy Powder   Dick N Dip - Singles, Sets of 5 or Whole Display

   Dip N Dicks are fun penis shaped hard candy sticks you lick and then dip and scoop into 4 tasty powder dips!  Banana, Strawberry, Sour Apple and Cherry powder dips.  Let us choose the flavors for you as they come assorted.


Dick Tarts Dicktarts Dicktax Dick Tax   Dick Tarts - $3.30 Sale! $3.15 ea.

   Suck on your favorite flavor, seven to choose from.  Let us know your first flavor choice and we'll try to fulfill it, otherwise we will substitute.



Dicklicks Gum Penis Shaped   Dicklick's Gum - $3.30 Sale! $3.15 ea.

   Penis chewing gum!  5 flavors, Including Peckermint™.  Assorted flavors, let us choose for you.  Package design may vary.



Pecker Patch Sours Gummy Penis Eat A Bag Of Dicks

  Pecker Patch Sours - $3.70 Sale! $3.49

   Get your taste for some sweet and sour fun. Fashioned in the shape of a cute little pecker.  Not as sour as some sour candies, but the gummy candy is really nice and tangy.  Each piece is about 1.5", approx. 13 pcs 3.52 oz bag.



Penis Gummy Gummies   Peter Pecker's Penis Gummies - $5.60 Sale! $4.79

   Delicious and soft in assorted fruit flavors.  5.3 ounces  box design may vary.



Penis Gummies Gummy Penis   Penis Gummies - $5.50 Sale! $4.99

   Delicious and soft in assorted fruit flavors.  5.3 ounces   Box design may vary



gummy peckers  Gummy Peckers - $8.00 Sale! $6.40

   Penis shaped sugared gummies in delicious fruit flavors.   5.3 oz.,  Box design may vary



Blow Job Mints Penis Shaped Mints

 Penis Shaped Blow Job Mints - $4.50 Sale! $3.99

  Little pecker shaped mints that are great for giving blow jobs with!  Peppermint flavor.  Sugar free.  45 g tin with cute design.


Peckermints penis shaped peppermints   Peppermint Peckers - $4.10 Sale! $3.29

   .9292929292 ounces.  Want breath as fresh as winter's snow?  Try a Peckermint and you're good to go! Fun penis shaped cool breath mints in a decorative purple tin case with embossed penis logo!  Great ice breaker, party favor, gag gift!


Peppermint Peckers   Peppermint Peckers - $7.50 Sale! $5.79

   2.6 ounces, Extra Naughty and Extra Strong penis shaped peppermints!  Package design may vary.


Macaweenie and cheese penis pasta   MacAweenie & Cheese - $8.50 Sale! $7.49

   Pecker pasta and cheese sauce!  It really tastes as good as the name brand!



Weenie Linguine Penis Pasta   Weenie Linguine - $6.40 Sale! $6.10

   Mama Mia that a biga meat balla. Next time you're cooking dinner for some friends or entertaining party guests be sure to whip up some great tasting Weenie Linguine. This cute little pecker pasta is made in Italy, is great tasting and of the utmost in quality. Your party guests will howl with laughter making your big event the one they will talk about for days on end. 6.25 oz.



Penis Pasta   Penis Pasta - $7.50 Sale! $6.79 

   Fun pecker shaped pasta.  Cook until firm, but tender!   This item is frequently out of stock, if we don't have it in, we'll substitute the Mama Peckeroni sold below.  8.8 oz box.



x rated fortune cookies   X-Rated Fortune Cookies - $6.00 Sale! $4.89

   Ask your waiter to substitute these to shock your date or guests!  Approximately 6 per box.  Some sayings may include:  You are going to get lucky tonight; If you think you feel good, wait 'till you feel me; Your lucky number today is 69-69-69; etc.



Suck for a Buck Bib & Candies

  Money Maker! Suck for a Buck! Party Bib.  The five steps to success:  Step #1: Tape or safety pin CandyprintsTM  SFAB Candy over small icons on bib.  Step#2: Remember, honey, it's all about the ATTITUDE!  Step#3: Sell for $1 to bar or party attendees.  Step#4: Attendee may remove SFAB Candy with hand or mouth.  Step#5: Stand back and count money!  Great for Bachelorette parties, drinking games, business lunches and love affairs!  10 x 12"



Bachelorette Party Amusemints Candies Mints  Bachelorette Risqué Amusemints

   Assorted fun messages and brightly colored drawings of peckers on packets of peppermints.  Available in multipacks or by the whole box of 100.



Risque Bachelorette Party Candy Candyprints

Risque Bachelorett Party Candy Candyprints

    Risqué Bachelorette Party Candies - $2.75 box ea.

   Hard candies in five tangy fruit flavors with fun risqué messages and peckers! - 1.6 oz. box.




Blow Pops   Blow Pops - $1.49 for 6

   Yummy fruit flavored blow pops are always a favorite treat at bachelorette parties!  The only truly tasty blow job.  Guy get hot and bothered when they see gals suck on a lolly!  Get some and blow!


Jingle Balls Holiday Cock Pops

Jingle Balls Holiday Cock Pops - $3.90 Sale! $3.75 ea.

 Christmas parties will never quite be the same again, after you show up with these pops! Bright red, green and white stripes accent the the holiday cheer! Succulent fun for everyone!  3 oz, 4 inches.


Rainbow Holiday Christmas Penis ring pops

Rainbow Holiday Ring Pops - $3.00 Sale! $2.25 ea.

 1 oz ring pop in holiday striped colors.


All products are sold by the each, which means 1 piece, not the display box unless otherwise stated.

Please note, it is unwise to use products which contain sugar in or around the vagina.

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