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Adult Candy, Naughty Gift Baskets and X-Rated Fortune Cookies

Female Shaped Candy, Mints & Gummies     Male Shaped Mints, Candy & Gummies

Male and Female Shaped Erotic Chocolates     Chocolate & Candy Butts

Naughty Valentine Chocolates & Candies     Edible Body Paints and Sauces

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   Adult Candy & Treats Basket - $49.99

   A fun gift for anyone's birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, over the hill party or just because you want to make someone smile.  Choose for a mixed adult party or just for guys, gals, gay guys or lesbians and more!  We'll make a basket that's full of fun things to eat and/or play with.  Basket style and color may vary and they come wrapped in clear poly film tied with a ribbon color of your choice.  Approx. 4 lbs.



Adult Candy Treat Mix   Adult Candy & Treat Mix - $27.99

   Perfect for piñatas, stocking stuffers, swingers' parties or just because you couldn't resist.  A big gift bag tied with ribbon may contain depending on what kind of mix you select:  Edible flavored lube, chocolate body sauce, flavored condoms, assorted female and male gummy candy, hard candy and lollipops, AmuseMints with naughty messages, candy money and related fun candy with plays on branded titles such as: Big Hunk, Blow Pops, Now and Later, bubble gum & candy cigarettes, Licorice Pipes, candy lipstick, coconut Long Boys, Good n' Plenty, Cherry Heads, Red Hots, Hot Tamales, Slap Sticks, Bit-o-Honey, Atomic Fire Balls, Wax Lips, Sugar Daddy, gummy lips, Whoppers, Sweet Tarts, Slo Poke, gummy cock ring, etc.  Choose for a mixed adult party or just for guys, gals, gay guys or lesbians and more!  Approx. 1 pound, 12 oz.


Adult Pinata Stuffers CandyPinata Stuffers for adults

  Adult Piñata Stuffers (Candy & Toys) - $34.99 (2 lb bag)

  Sold in 2 pound bags, our assortment of piñata stuffing is loaded with fun candies treats and may contain an erotic assortment of candy love beads, cock rings, naughty body parts, penis whistles, candy with plays on words (like from our adult treat mix featured above), flavored lubes, condoms, oral sex treats, straws, pens, games, gum, amusemints mints, games, jewelry, pencil toppers, playing cards, notepads, boas and standard piñata candy.


Happy Ending Fortune Cookies

Happy Ending Fortune Cookies  Happy Ending Fortune Cookies - $12.99 ea.

   The perfect end to a romantic dinner.  A cookie for every night of the week.  Available in Provocative, Fetish, Valentine and gay Pride versions.  7 individually wrapped cookie, each with a different memo, baked fresh in the USA.


                                 Out of stock

X Rated Fortune Cookies   X-Rated Fortune Cookies - $6.00 - Sale! $4.90

   Ask your waiter to substitute these to shock your date or guests!  Approximately 6 per box.  Some sayings may include:  You are going to get lucky tonight; If you think you feel good, wait 'till you feel me; Your lucky number today is 69-69-69; etc.


X Rated Candies

  X-Rated Candy

   Fun and tangy candy with X-rated messages.  We like these better than Heart Breakers below because they taste like Spree candy and the packaging is really cute.  1.6 oz.  Box design may vary.



X-Rated Candies

   The Original X-Rated Candy - $3.75

   Fun and tangy candy with X-rated messages.  2 oz.  Box design may vary.



   X-Rated or Risqué Hearts - $5.00 Sale! $3.79 ea.

   1.6 ounces of Assorted Colored Small Heart Candies with X-Rated or Risqué Messages!  If one style is out of stock, we'll substitute. Full display of 6 or 24 are available to drop ship, email us.



   X Rated Individually Wrapped Jumbo Hearts

   Hilarious phrases on these candy hearts.  Just like the little boxed Valentine candy you've come to know and love, but a little bit bigger and a lot nastier!  Available in 100 piece box or 6 pack individual assortment.  3.1 g ea. See more fun packaging options here.



X-Rated Candy Hearts Valentine Candyprints

 Fruity Candy Hearts Wrapped in X-Rated Valentine Messages

  3 fruit flavored hearts in each bag that has a cute x-rated Valentine message printed on it.  Can be used any time of the year for naughty fun.  Candies do not have any imprint on them.  Sold by the 30 pc box or multi bags.



Heart Box Filled with Naughty Valentine Hearts or X-Rated Fun Gum - $6.99

1.5 ounces (approx 22 pcs) of assorted colors tangy heart candies with x-rated messages or 2 oz (approx. 12 pcs) sexy positions fun gum balls in assorted colors.  Box design varies..


I Fucking Love You Candy Box

Let's Fuck Candy Box   Let's Fck! & I Fcking Love You! X-Rated Candy in Heart Box - $8.00 Sale! $6.75 ea.

   You'll have to wash your mouth out with soap after you're done giving this box of hard candy hearts with a variety of X-rated messages stamped on each one.  Heart box measures 5.75" x 5.75" x 1" and there are 25 -30 candies per box.  This is a MUST HAVE for V-Day!!  Writing style on box may vary.


X Rated Birthday Candies

X Rated Birthday Candy   X Rated Birthday Candy - $4.00 Sale! $3.00 ea.

   An X-rated party in every box.  Tangy fruit candy.  2.25 oz.

   More Adult Birthday Party items.



X Rated Birthday Mints

Happy Fucking Birthday Mints   Happy Fucking Birthday Mints

   Each one says 'Happy Fucking Birthday!'  Enclosed is a tasty white peppermint.  3.1 grams ea.  More Matching Adult Birthday Party items.



Fuck You Mints  Fuck You You Fuckin Fuck Mints Fuck You, You Fuckin' Fuck! Amusemints

   An insult with something sweet inside is like yin and yang, you can't lose.  Cute little packet with the 'finger' and 'Fuck You You Fuckin' Fuck!' written in it.  White peppermints inside.   3.1 grams ea.



Naughty Mints  Naughty AmusemintsNaughty Amusemints

   R-rated messages like:  Cute Ass, Lick Me, Eat Me, Nice Boobs, I'm Horny!, etc.  Each package contains a 3.1 g yummy peppermints.



X Rated Mints  X Rated Amusemints X-Rated Amusemints

   Really nasty messages like:  Lick My Pussy, Let's Fuck, Suck My Cock, etc.  Each package contains a 3.1 g yummy peppermints.



Amazing After Sex Amusemints Mints   Amazing After Sex Amusemints

   Individually wrapped mints with 'Amazing After Sex Mint' printed on each pack.  Better than a cigarette!   Fun to use for a cool and minty blow job.  Sold by the 100 pc box or packs.  Each package contains a 3.1 g yummy peppermints.



  Succulent Fruity Boobs and Hard Willies - $7.00 Sale! $5.50 ea.

   Individually wrapped fruit flavored peckers or boobies in a really nice sized oval tin.  These really delicious hard candies are imported from England.   3.18 oz.



Pecker Candy Dish with Penis Candies   Pecker Party Candy Dish - $11.00 Sale! $10.45

   Sure to sweeten up any party.  3 6" pink plastic pecker shaped dishes, 125 pc bag of Weenie Chews, a dispenser each of Dick Tarts and Tit Tarts.




Lets Fuck Candy Bouquet   Let's Fuck Candy Bouquet - $4.50 ea.

   You'll fall in love with these little candy flower bouquets!  A red heart lolly that says Let's Fuck is amidst little colorful tulips.  50 grams each bouquet of 7 little lollipops.  Available in display box of 12 or single bouquets.



Lets Fuck Lollies

  Let's Fuck Lollies - $2.99 ea.

   Cute heart shaped lollies printed with Let's Fuck.  Surely this will get your message across.  About 3 inches wide.  Just like the printed lollies you liked as a kid, smells and tastes yummy.  Cherry flavor.  50 gms.  Available in display of 24 or singles.


I'm Horny Lollipops   Eat Me Lollies - $2.99 ea.                     

   Fruity cherry flavor with a very tempting message.  About 2 inches wide.  Just like the printed lollies you liked as a kid.  43 gms.  Available by the each or 24 piece display.


I'm Horny Sucker   I'm Horny Lollies - $2.99 ea.                     

   Fruity cherry flavor with a very tempting message.  About 2 inches wide.  Just like the printed lollies you liked as a kid.  43 gms.  Available by the each or 24 piece display. 


    Out of Stock

   Chocolate Oysters (Chocolate Aphrodisiacs)

   Chocolates shaped like little oyster shells (no aphrodisiac qualities). 5 ounce box, tied with ribbon.  Requires cooler pack for destinations 72 degrees or more.

  Solid Colors - $6.55

  Marbled Colors - $7.00

  Pearl/Gold Dusted - $7.00

BJ Blast    BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy - $2.00 Sale! $1.65 ea.

    Fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding fruity candy for a memorable BJ!  69 Calories per pack.  Made with real sugar, no sugar substitutes, so it's not recommend for vaginal oral sex.  Choose from Cherry, Green Apple or Strawberry.  We may have to substitute if your first choice is out of stock.


Dick Tarts Dick Tax   Dick Tarts - $3.70 Sale! $3.29 ea.

   Next Time someone asks you for a Breath Mint, they will howl with laughter when you pop one of these great tasting Dick Tarts penis shaped breath mints into their hands! Makes a great "Ice Breaker" at parties/night clubs etc.  Let us choose the flavor for you.  20 gram box.


X Rated Fun Gum   X-Rated Fun Gum

   X-Rated Candy takes on a whole new meaning when you slip one of these sexy tasty treats into someone's unsuspecting hands. You can really get some laughs.. and who knows .. maybe some action too. Includes 7 erotic sayings.   Individually packaged fruity gum.  Will not work in a gumball machine.  Available in pack of 6, 12, 24 and full box of 90.



Penis Pasta   Italian Penis or Booby Pasta - $7.50 Sale! $6.79 ea.

   Boob and penis shaped pasta!  Made with 100% finest durum wheat and made in Italy.  Cook them al dente - firm, but tender!  8.8 oz.  Box design may vary.  Click here for Mama Peckeroni and MacaWeenie & Cheese.



   Blue Pills

   Of course they have no drug effects, but what chocolate does for you is a different story!  Gift boxed, tied with ribbon.  2.5 oz.  Requires a cooler pack for destinations 72 degrees or higher.  No Wholesale


Eat Me Gummy Thong & Bra Set Gummy Panties Undies   Edible Gummy Thong & Bra Set - $16.00 Sale! $12.89

   Strawberry-flavored gummy thong and bra fit most. Put them on, let someone eat them off.  One size fits most.  7.76 oz.


Candy Nipple Tassels Tassles   Candy Nipple Tassels - $7.50 Sale! $6.25

   The perfect erotic treat!  You'll feel very sexy wearing these and you'll be sure to entice your lover with these sweet tassels.  Two tassels include adhesive. Box design may vary. 2.1 oz.  Click here for matching undies, etc



Lovers Candy Nipple Tassels

Lover's Candy Nipple Tassels - $7.50 Sale! $6.25

  Just like the candy necklaces you used to love as a kid but is now made to please you as an adult!   r2.1 oz.  One size fits most.



Candy Cuffs Spencer and Fleetwood   Candy Cuffs - $6.00 Sale! $4.99

  The sweetest cuffs! The Candy Cuffs are made with 1.59-ounce of tasty candy. The cuffs slip over most wrist sizes and allow for a tasty restraint. Eat your way out of submission! Click here for matching undies, etc



Eat Me Gummy Handcuffs  Eat Me Gummy Handcuffs - $5.00 Sale! $4.25 ea.

   They're yummy, funny and don't require a key. Strawberry-flavored gummy handcuffs fit most. Slip 'em on, eat them off.  2.1 oz.



Liquored Up Gummy Pecker Rings   Liquored Up Gummy Pecker Cock Rings - $3.50 Sale! $2.89

  Intimate play time takes on a whole new sexy twist when you slip on one of these great tasting rings. Slip them on and eat them off. Three flavors included: Bahama Mama, Mai Tai and Strawberry Daiquiri. Super stretchy fun, one size fits all.



Click for Candy & Edible Undies

Please note, it is unwise to use products which contain sugar in the vagina.

Packaging on some products may change before we can post new pictures.  We substitute similar flavors on some items in order expedite your order if your first choice was not in stock.  Let us know if you do not want any substitutions.

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