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Male Blow Up Dolls, Inflatable Men, Blow Up Penis, Ball and Chain

Click for Penis Balloons

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See our note about the dolls at the bottom of the page.

Inflatable Hunk

  Inflatable Hunk - $8.50 Sale! $6.25

   At 18 inches tall, this hunk is big on party fun.  Have him in tow for parties, as a table decoration or use as a fun gag gift for someone recently divorced.



Gregory Pecker Inflatable Party Penis

  Gregory Pecker Inflatable Party Penis - $10.50 Sale! $8.49

   He is suave and sophisticated, charming and well spoken, he is... Gregory Pecker...! Cheezy Grin. Inflation Nozzle Inappropriately Located on Tip. Colored Head (Differing From Shaft). Easy To Grab & Non-Slip. Very Photogenic. Star of Many Sporting Events, Television and The Big Screen. Follow him on both Twitter and Facebook to tag your mates, share photos and videos of your celebrity exploits together... The perfect stag / hen or bachelor / bachelorette party gag gift for adults she's sure to create a laugh without offence to anyone, well almost anyone.  28 x 18 x 18 inches.



Midget Man Inflabable Love Doll Blow Up

  Midget Man Love Doll - $20.00 Sale! $16.49

   They say BIG things come in small packages and the Midget Man Inflatable Doll from Pipedream is no exception! Just add air and this pint-size party animal will pump up his pleasure-pole and rock your world! Don't worry that he's tiny enough to fit in your pocket - this meaty munchkin is stocky, cocky and hung like a horse! He's giving new meaning to a "Low Blow!"



Travel sized Mdiget Man Blow Up Doll Infaltable

  Travel Sized Midget Man Doll - $14.00 Sale! $11.25

   This pocket bear's the life of the party!  26 inches tall.  He looks just like the guy on the box, has a little pecker and no underwear.



Midget Man Inflatable Ring Toss Game

  Midget Man Doll Inflatable Ring Toss - $20.00 Sale! $16.49

   Life-sized midget man doll with 6 multi colored plastic rings to toss on his midget mini.  Hilarious fun for all kinds of parties.



Travel John Doll

  Mini John Doll - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

   Don't let his size fool you, Mini John is maximum man!  Like most dudes this hunky heartthrob loves gettin' blown-just add air and he's your very own blow-up boy toy.  He's perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, group sessions and riding shotgun in the carpool lane.  Take him wherever you go, John loves to be the life of the party!  He looks just like the guy on the box, has a little pecker and no bikini.



  John Doll - $27.00 Sale! $21.99

   John is maximum man! Like most dudes, this hunky heart throb loves gettin' blown-just add air and he's your very own blow-up boy toy. He's perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, group sessions, and riding shotgun in the carpool lane. Take him wherever you go. John loves to be the life of the party!  Black hair, cartoon face, hairy chest. No penis, no undies.


  Out of Stock

  Peter Love Doll - $32.00 Sale! $25.99

   Peter is THE maximum man! Like most dudes, this hunky heart throb loves gettin' blown-just add air and he's your very own blow-up boy toy. He's perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, group sessions, and riding shotgun in the carpool lane. Take him wherever you go. Peter loves to be the life of the party!  Cartoon face, black hair.  Penis is part of the doll, not detachable, no undies.



Big Joe Doll  Big Joe with Dildo - $60 Sale! $55.99

   Big Joe is a life-size doll with no cock and two love holes, wide open mouth and inviting anus!  Big Joe's life-like mannequin face is ruggedly handsome with his goatee and piercing eyes.  Big Joe is also the cutie pie at the top of page all dressed up for Burning Man fun.



Travel Size Leroy Doll

  Travel Size Leroy Love Doll - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

   Just add air and this ebony inflatable will make your chocolate dreams and darkest desires come true.  26" tall with a pecker.  Looks like the guy on the box, built in pecker and no undies.



tasty tyrone black male blow up love doll

  Tasty Tyrone Doll - $28.00 Sale! $25.99

   The Darker the Berry, The Sweeter the Juice!  He may be your first...but Tyrone will be the one you never forget! This hunky hardbody has it all: washboard abs, a sexy smile, an eye- catching bulge and one heck of an inflated ego! But he's not just full of hot air--this sexy stud is your very own personal love slave! He'll wear what you want him to wear, he doesn't pee on the seat, he's a great listener, and he loves getting blown.  Package design may vary.



Tyler Knight Doll

  Tyler Knight Doll - $29.75 Sale! $24.99

   Life-like inflatable tall, dark and handsome doll.  He has a 4 color imprinted face like the guy on the box and an 8 inch penis.  Take a ride on Tyler tonight!




Mr Stud Doll

  Mr. Stud Doll - $30.00 Sale! $24.99

   Life-like doll, looks like guy on box, laser printed face with 8” penis and 4-color face.




  Filthy Fireman Doll - $32.00 Sale! $25.99

   Ring the alarm..this sexy stud is smokin' hot! The Filthy Fireman is here to rescue you from boredom in the bedroom! He's got a huge hose under his uniform and he can't wait to soak you down with it. His blazing biceps, chiseled chest, rock-hard abs and scorching smile will set your heart on fire. See what kind of equipment he's packing under his trousers and let him ignite your passions! His pumper is full of red-hot All-American hot sauce!  Dark hair, cartoon face, open mouth, built in penis.



  Crackhead Charlie Doll - $37.00 Super Sale! $25.99

   This is a good price for a blow up doll, you don't have to regard him as Charlie.  As the box says, “You don’t have to be a slutty porn goddess to party with this radical rockstar from Mars! Just add air and this neurotic nutjob will show you his two and half personalities, warlock, fangs, fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA. Don’t be a foolish little troll, experience the bitchin’ drug they call Charlie and let him rock your world!”  Doll Does Not Include: Charlie's Goddesses, 7 Gram Rocks, Tiger's Blood, Adonis DNA, Gallon of Scotch, Smokes.  Molded cartoon face, open mouth, dark hair, built in penis.



Travel Size Dirty Old Man Doll

  Travel Size Dirty Old Man Doll - $14.00 Sale! $11.25

  This old guy can still get it up, ew!  26" tall with pecker.  Just make sure you get him home in time for his nap.



Bathroom Buddy Doll  Bathroom Buddy - $23.00 Sale! $19.99

   He can't open his mouth, he's easily deflated and stores in the bathroom cabinet!  Have him watch TV with you, sit in bed while you read.  The possibilities are endless!  Have fun!  1 inflatable man from the chest up.



   Blow Up Pecker Decorations - $15.00 Sale! $12.25

   Four 15" colorful peckers perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Ready to hand on a string or prop up on tables for fun centerpieces.  Boxed.




Captain Pecker Party Wrecker   6 Foot Captain Pecker the Party Wrecker - $30.00 Sale! $24.99

   6 foot inflatable punching penis, great for the pool or carpool!  



Wedding Shackles  Shackles - $4.25

   Black plastic shackles that slip over your wrist and your blow up doll's!



  The Old Ball & Chain - $5.50 Sale! $4.69

   Plastic ball with cotton tie and light-weight metal chain.  Use for your new inflatable man if you're dragging him around the clubs!  Ball is about the size of a cannonball.  Package design may vary.




 Penis Balloons


 We are not responsible for manufacturers claims on packaging or product, nor will we be responsible for any manufacturer package change in product style or packaging.  We describe the product to the best of our knowledge.  No returns on blow up dolls.

Please note that blow up dolls are sold as novelty items only and the least expensive of them would most certainly not look like the model on the cover of the box and they are not perfectly anatomically correct.  In the spirit of fun, most people buy the dolls to give as joke presents or to have as a party prop.  Assume all dolls have no clothing or accessories unless otherwise stated in description.  We do our best to describe such, but cannot be held responsible if manufacturer has changed product without our knowledge.  Most dolls are around or over 5 feet tall unless otherwise stated. We do not accept returns on any doll and the manufacturer will handle any problems if you have such.  If your doll has a leak, please use the enclosed patch kit.  See our return/policies page

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