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Fantasy Cuffs, Blindfolds, Bondage & Restraints

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Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bondage Kit 50 shades of gray

    Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bedroom Bondage Kit - $75.00 Sale! $60.00 


  Everything you need for full body restraint, the Restraint Kit expertly turns your bed or other furniture into a bondage playground – whether you’re at home or on a naughty weekend away. The adjustable restraint straps can be tied to virtually anything, including chairs and doors, and can even be used as effective hogtie or bed restraints. The soft satin wrist and ankle cuffs keep you or your partner firmly in place for bedroom bondage games. Slip on the blindfold and let the play begin.  Key features: Ideal for bedroom bondage, strong and soft material for secure restraint, fits most beds, supplied with branded Fifty Shades storage bag.  Drop shipped from our distributor.



Fetish Fantasy Sweetheart Fantasy Kit

  Fetish Fantasy Sweetheart Bondage Set - $48.00 Sale! $39.99

  Sweetheart Bondage Kit is the perfect package to make sparks fly! This all-in-one beginner's collection has everything you need to turn an ordinary night into a seductively sweet surprise! The romantic assortment includes luxuriously soft adjustable Satin Cuffs, a Satin Cat O' Nine Tails Flogger, Heart-Shaped Satin Pasties, Heart-Shaped Satin Panties, a Feather Tickler and a Heart-Shaped Satin Love Mask. You'll both love the soft, silky feel of the smooth satin cloth against your skin! The comfortable cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes, while the satin heart-shaped panties feature a stretchy waistband and sexy g-string back. The satin love mask gently blocks light from coming through, leaving your lover bound, blindfolded and at your mercy. Combine the kit with a box of chocolates and show your sweetheart how special they really are! This lover's collection is great for beginners and fun for everyone! It makes the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, romantic weekend getaways, steamy nights, and any other time love is in the air! Assortment and colors may vary.

                               Special Order, Drop Shipped.

First Time Fantasy Kit Festish Fantasy

  Fetish Fantasy First Time Fantasy Kit - $26.00 Sale! $20.99

  Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with the First Time Fantasy Kit. This kinky collection is perfect for bondage beginners and offers something exciting for everyone. Break the ice with a flirty game of erotic dice, then blindfold your lover and begin to take advantage of your subject. Tease your partner with the soft feather tickler, then make them pay with the rope cat o' nine tails. If they say too much, put the breathable ball gag in their mouth and show them who's boss. The possibilities are endless...and so is the fun! Kit Includes: Feather Tickler, Love Mask, Breathable Ball Gag, Rope, Whip and Love Dice.

                               Special Order

Lover's Bondage Kit

  Lover's Bondage Kit - $76.00 Sale! $60.99

    Kit Includes:  Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Cuffs, Inflatable Heart-Shaped Position Pillow, Two-Sided Heart Paddle, Silk Rose Petals, Liquid Love Warming Massage Lotion and a Free Mask.  Set your lover's heart afire with this heart-themed Lover's Bondage Kit. Perfect for beginners, this kinky collection of bondage accessories includes an inflatable heart-shaped position pillow, heart-adorned wrist and ankle cuffs, leather heart-shaped flapper paddle, and free satin love mask. It's perfect for Valentines Day, romantic weekend getaways, steamy nights, and any other time love is in the air!  Lingerie not included.



Sex & Mischief Red Bondage Kit

Sex and Mischief Red Bondage Set

  Sex & Mischief Red Bondage Kit - $23.00 Sale! $19.00

    An incredibly sexy kit for playful lovers, the Red Bondage Kit from Sex & Mischief contains everything you need to dominate the night. This collection of light BDSM staples is made for versatility- inside you'll find 2 faux leather cuffs that can bind up either the wrists or the ankles, or you can connect then two of them and use as a collar. There's also a nice long nylon leash that converts to a tether, connecting to two possible rings on the cuffs (or collar). Finally, you'll find a soft faux leather blindfold, which, as any mischievous couple knows, is a must-have for adding excitement to playtime.


Bound by Diamonds Thigh Cuffs

  Bound by Diamonds 2 pc Diamond Thigh Restraints - $34.50 Sale! $27.75

    Versatile thigh and wrist restraint system.  Fully adjustable 2-piece strap set.  Nickel free universal double clasps.  Exquisite faux diamond detail.  Thigh strap adjusts up to 25.75"/ 65 cm.  Wrist strap adjusts up to 11.5"/ 29 cm.  Polyester (straps), Iron (rings), Alloy (clasps).


Pink Passion Bondage Kit

Pink Passion Bondage Set

  Pink Passion Bondage Kit - $44.00 Sale! $35.49

    Explore each other's naughty side with this all-in-one Pink Passion Bondage Kit. Perfect for couples looking to try something fun and different, this beginner's set is made from high-quality and strong nylon. The kit includes a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, four adjustable nylon tethers, durable nylon ball gag & FREE satin love mask. You'll love the look of the pink straps, your partner will love the feel of being restrained. Experience the thrill of bondage and explore your deepest fetish fantasies.



Bow Tie Bondage Set

  Bow-Tie Bondage Kit - $30.00 Sale! $23.99

    Get tied up in romance with the Bow-Tie Bondage Set. These playful cuff and and ankle restraints are perfect for beginners yet strong enough to ensure your lover won't escape. The soft, cushy cuffs feel great against the skin and easily adjust to fit most sizes. Cover your lover's eyes with the plush satin love mask and what happens next is up to you! The set is light pink, perfect for kink, and made to play hard!



Pleasure Bondage Set

   Pleasure Bondage Set - $54.00 Sale! $43.99

   Keep your lover quiet and under control with this playful Purple Pleasure Bondage Set. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this sexy set of cuffs and a ball gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play by combing two classic favorites. The soft neoprene cuffs adjust to fit most sizes and connect using a heavy duty metal o-ring and clips. The breathable ball gag uses a neoprene strap to adjust and fit snugly, controlling when and how often your lover speaks. Secure your lover, take control, and explore your Fetish Fantasies! Inflate the love cushion and try new positions you never thought were possible! The set also includes a soft feather streamer that’s sure to tease and titillate


Fetish Fantasy Bag   Ultimate Fetish Fantasy Bag - $144.00 Sale! $115.99

   What a bag of tricks!  The Biggest Fetish Collection Ever Assembled!  The ultimate collection of everything you could possibly need for a weekend of hot fetish fantasies!  This Ultimate Fantasy Kit includes: Satin Love Mask - Inflatable Position Master - Feather Tickler - Suction Cuffs - Cat O'Nine Tail Whip - First Timer's Cuffs - On-The-Go Keychain Body Heat Warming Lotion - Hot Wax Candle - Ball Gag - Tether set - Bondage Tape - 1oz. Moist Lubricant - Waterproof Mini Massager - Do It Doggie Harness and all packed in a black vinyl bag.  Assortment and colors may vary. Click picture for details.


Fetsih Fantasy Bedroom Lover's Kit

  Bedroom Lover's Kit - $26.00 Sale! $20.99

  Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with this kinky collection perfect for bondage beginners.  Break the ice with the flirty game of erotic dice, then blindfold your lover with the satin mask and begin to take advantage of your subject.  Tease with the soft feather tickler and pay with the rope cat o' nine tails.  If too much is said, use the breathable ball gag.



Holiday Plush Cuffs Kit

  Holiday Plush Cuffs Kit - $30.00 Sale! $24.49

  This kit has a plush Santa Hat, Love Mask, Hand Cuffs and Leg Cuffs - all in red plush with white fur trim.  Both naughty men and women will look their holiday best bound to please his or her lover!  Lingerie not included.



Black Rose Whipping Willow   Black Rose Whipping Willow - $25.00 Sale! $18.79

   Play master and mistress with stylish flair. This gorgeous whip is as pretty as it is partical - for those who want an accessory that looks great and gives a good whack. The faux-leather straps provide a nice thuddy impact with just a hint of sting while the wrist strap keeps the whip in-hand. You will be begging for more!  Purple and black, a nice combination of sexy colors.


Leather Rose Crop   Rose Crop - $38.75 Sale! $36.99

   Screw the roses, send me the thorns?  No way, you can have both!  This beautiful crop has a green shaft with leather thorns and a nice full rose at the end that makes a nice sound when it smacks skin and packs a little punch that is not as soft as rose petals!  26" long.  Looks very beautiful in hand by a beautiful domme.


Pink Leather Heart Crop   Leather Heart Crop - $25.00 Sale! $22.50

   One crack of the Leather Heart Crop and you will leave a heart marked on your lovers bottom. How cute is that?  It is soft yet sturdy and attaches to a leash using a metal clip and ring.  23 inches.  Red or pink.


   Red Leather Heart Crop - $28.75 Sale! $24.99

   This is a wonderful and flexible professional grade crop with a nice little red leather heart at the end.  25 inches long, designed for the sweet, seductive, sinister Dom in you.


   Leopard Heart Crop - $25.95 Sale! $21.50

   Leather heart tab with leopard print and little cut hear heart details.  Shaft matches leopard colors in heart tab.  A very classy and fun crop to bring out the wild cat in you.  24" in length.




Pink furry fuzzy heart crop   Furry Heart Crop - $29.75 Sale! $27.99

   The naughtiness of a crop meets with the soothing feel of a fluffy fabric.  Made of the high quality standards that you expect from the Ruff Doggie brand.



Red Vinyl Furry Paddle Fetish Fantasy Pipedream   Red Furry Heart Paddle - $22.00 Sale! $17.69

   Explore your dominant or submissive side with this furry heard paddle.  One crack of the paddle and your lover will know who's in charge.  It hurts so good!  10 x 7 inches.  Vinyl with faux fur in middle with wrist strap.


Qulited Pink Paddle Fetish Fantasies Pipedream   Pink Quilted Heart Paddle - $27.00 Sale! $21.60

   Let your sweetheart know who's boss with this supple heart-shaped paddle. Covered in silky-soft satin and quilted for extra comfort, it's soft enough to let them know you care but firm enough to get your point across. Bend them over your lap and give them a spanking they won't soon forget!  10 x 7.25" with pink satin ribbon hang tie/wrist strap.


Rough Doggy Furry Fuzzy Plush Pink Paddle   Fuzzy Heart Leather Paddle - $41.00 Sale! $32.50 

   This is just about the sweetest and at the same time most menacing paddle!  It has black leather on one side for the 'Ouch!' and pink plush faux fur on the other side for the 'Ahhh!'  It's a fun paddle and the first we've carried because of its superb quality and charm.  We think you will enjoy giving or receiving from this pleasure and pain giver.  The sound of the smack is tuneful and the heart shaped mark left on the skin is memorable.  Includes wrist strap.  We agree that this would be nice in red or black, but it's not available as of yet.  11 x 5.5"


   Lock Me Up Thong with Real Mini Furry Handcuffs - $10.00 Sale! $8.25

  Let your lover know exactly what you want with these fun and scandalous panties!  Features embroidered "Lock me up" on front with contrast bow & detachable pink furry handcuff charm.  Black mesh thong with ruffle.  100% polyester


Black Rose Silky Surrender   Black Rose Silky Surrender - $14.80 Sale! $11.29

   The possibilities are endless with this 10-foot-long sexy purple silky bondage tie. Take your midnight pleasures to new levels with soft submissive play. Try something new and naughty check out the enclosed bondage booklet - beginner and advanced techniques are included.


Vanilla bondage kit   Vanilla Bondage Kit - $12.00 Sale! $11.49

   This pint sized submissive lover's kit contains a creamy blindfold with a swirl of silky ties.  Tie your lover up and add whipped cream and cherries and you have the perfect sundae.  Contains blindfold and two long ties.


   Silky Sash by Sex & Mischief - $13.50 Sale! $12.65

   Two luxurious silky sashes, 4 feet long and 4 inches wide.  Red or black.


   Silky Scarf Restraints with Free Mask - $18.00 Sale! $14.49

   Silky lengths of black fabric to wrap your lover up tight with.  Includes free matching blind fold to make the night even more suspenseful and eventful.


   Tantric Binding Love, Universal Cuffs - $11.90 Sale! $9.59

   Enhance sexual energy with this seductive collection of fetish wear adorned with satin ribbons and lace. Intricately designed one-piece stretch-to-fit cuffs for wrist or ankles, accented with satin ribbons. Non-tarnishing, nickel-free heart shaped T-ring for intimate play. Polyester (ribbon) 65% Polyester, 35% Rubber (cuffs) Nickel-Free Alloy (ring). 7" x 3"/17.75 cm x 7.5 cm (each cuff).

                            Special order, allow an extra week for delivery.

   Taboo Kinky Cuffs - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

   If a little restraint is what you're calling for then these Kinky Cuffs are just what you need  Safely secure your slave with quick release buckles!  Flexible Neoprene softly cuffs your partner, while adjustable Velcro tabs provide a perfect fit.  The Neoprene material is what is used to make wet suits and is 100% water friendly!  This is great if you don't want to use leather products.


   20' Fantasy Silicone Bondage Rope & Mask - $35.00 Sale! $28.00

   Made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone™, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo- allergenic, and sculpted to excite. It's phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today! With this super-stretchy Silicone Fantasy Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of bondage rope play. It's ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner's hands and feet, but durable enough to act as a serious restraint. The thin silicone rope is very resilient and stretches without snapping, making sure your lover won't escape anytime soon. The rope is 1/4" thick and 20 feet long, perfect for creating a variety of playful restraints to secure your partner once and for all. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.  Includes a silicone mask and free Moist Lube and toy cleaner.


   Silk Rope Bondage Set - $18.17 Sale! $10.49

   Explore the traditions of the ancient Orient in the comfort of your own home with this beginner's silk rope bondage set.  Kit includes:  1 set adjustable silk wrist restraints, 1 set adjustable silk ankle restraints, 1 satin love mask and 2 free samples of lubes to make your tied-up experience extra sexy.  Bound to please you!

                            Out of stock, email for availability or to special order.

   Japanese Silky Bondage Rope - $14.00 Sale! $11.29

   With this super-soft Japanese Silky Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play. It's ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner’s hands and feet, but long enough and durable enough for those who want to engage in Shibari style rope bondage. The rope is 1/4" thick and 35 feet long, perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses and rope restraints


 Now available in 4 colors!



   Japanese Silk Rope Bondage Cuffs and Blindfold Set - $18.00 Sale! $14.49

   Erotic bondage play and exotic style! The Love Rope trimmed and patent leather blindfold makes pulses race in style. Cuffs are fully adjustable to fit the wrists of any lover. The Japanese Silk Love Rope is unsurpassed in softness and strength. Your partner is sure to find the silky, alluring rope texture pleasing. Avoid chafing by using this soft and gentle rope that is perfect for both bondage beginners and experienced players. Rope in some love tonight!


  Japanese Silk-like Ropes & 14 Page Booklet

   Take an exotic, erotic journey.  Unsurpassed softness and strength, fully adjustable, easy to fasten and remove.  Friction-free buckles will not fray or damage rope, silky texture feels nice to the touch, will not chafe or damage delicate skin, high-tensile.  Perfect for beginner or experienced couples.  Available in red, black or purple, extra rope lengths available.


    Wrist Cuffs - $12.00 

    Ankle Cuffs - $15.00  

    3 Meters (10 ft.) Rope - $9.00  

    5 Meters Rope (16+ ft.) - $13.00  

   Sexy Slave Kit - $32.50 Sale! $26.50

   This kit for gay or straight couples is an affordable luxury to have in your bedroom for fantasy role playing.  Kit includes a soft red blindfold, four wrist and ankle cuffs with 44" connector straps you can use on bed posts or bed frame feet and one pleasure feather.  Package design may vary.


   Silky Seduction Kit - $9.20 Sale! $8.00

   Weekends are made for relaxation, but sex is something to be enjoyed all week long.  This kit offers helpful hints for a sample week of ways to stimulate your imagination and keep jump-starting your sex life.  Enrich your relationship with sexual attention and foreplay every day, even if you don't "go all the way" every time.  Temptation and anticipation are part of the fun - and they make the payoffs even more exciting!  Includes a large red silky sash and body buffer feather.


 Tie the Knot Kit - $22.45 Sale! $20.99

   You don't have to be a virgin bride to enjoy this sinful set of restraints.  Includes four virgin white wrist and ankle restraints with connectors and a soft blindfold.  Package design may vary.

  From the Honeymoon Series by Sportsheets



  Sweet Surrender Kit - $20.90 Sale! $17.50

   Seduce your lover with a romantic evening!  The Sweet Surrender Kit contains everything you need for a romantic and seductive evening.  A set of soft red handcuffs and matching blindfold will keep you or your lover in a sexual restraint that will heighten foreplay.  A feather tickler can be used all over the body to tantalize and tease the most sensitive areas.  Finally, a 10-milliliter pillow pack of Wet flavored lube will allow you to taste every inch of your lover's body. Somewhere between a wink and the kink!  Flirt by Sportsheets.


  Do Not Disturb Kit - $9.90 Sale! $8.49

   A silky seductive restraint kit.  Includes four sexy red silk-like wrist and ankle ties, '10 Ways to Make the Night Sizzle' guide and a Do Not Disturb sign.  Flirt by Sportsheets.


  Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit - $23.00 Sale! $20.99

   Beginning with 4 wrist and ankle restraints with attached straps and a soft black blindfold is sure to produce a “happy ending.”  The perfect kit for stepping into a new world of fantasy play.  All black kit.


    Out of Stock

   Super Strap - $37.99 Sale! $32.50

   If you don't have bed posts, use the SuperStrap!  It adjusts to any bed size, is made of strong nylon webbing and has D-rings to attach your leg or wrist restraints to.  Take it with you on your travels, it takes little space!  Made to last.



   Clear Designer Bondage Tape - $10.88 Sale! $7.99 Clearance!

   A pleasurable and exotic art bondage form that you and your partner can both enjoy. This tape is ready to tie you up and tie you down, across the wrists, across the toes, this reusable pvc bondage tape (clear with barbed roses or barbed hearts) will not stick to hair or skin, perfect when you want to explore & play with bedroom bondage.  Each roll has 30" X 2" of bondage tape, enough to hogtie your object of your desire.  Barbed Hearts or Roses.


   Vinyl Pleasure Tape 4 Colors! - $8.00 Sale! $6.50

   No adhesives so it won't hurt your skin.  Made of unscented vinyl, holds securely and is easily removed.  Only sticks to itself or other vinyl products.  Available in many colors.  We're not sure how many yards are included, but it's a pretty good sized roll that should last a while or wrap a good portion of the body.  Can be used over and over again.



Incoqnito - Handcuffs in Black/Silver - $65.00 Sale! $59.99

  Inspired by friends who didn't own sex toys for fear of them being discovered, the creator of INCOQNITO set out to develop tasteful, quality pieces that were both functional and gorgeous and that one would rather flaunt, not hide.  At first glance, this beautiful line of intimate accessories reveals itself as elegant pieces of jewelry hand crafted from superior materials. But look closer and you will discover that there is more than meets the eye.  They are high quality instruments of pleasure, each alluding to a different sexually evocative experience.  Be unapologetically sensual… Indulge in your own sensual secret… As one of the most popular items in the INCOQNITO line, these gorgeous Hand Cuffs from Incoqnito will be the perfect accessory to your tame your secret desires. Available in black leather with sterling accents, they will dress up you most innocent outfit in OR out of the boudoir.  For a subtle hint, double up the cuffs on one wrist as a bracelet, discretely letting everyone know you are ready to play, then use them with your partner for a naughty night of passion.


  Feather Love Cuffs - $16.50 Sale! $14.99

  Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these fabulous Feather Love Cuffs. Lined with velvety-soft faux fur and covered with seductive feathers, these heavy-duty cuffs keep your lover comfortably constrained and looking and feeling sexy. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose the key, and their sturdy construction ensures they're made to play hard. You'll both love the sensuous feel of the soft feathers as they tease, tickle and titillate



  Shane's World Pink Leopard Furry Cuffs - $15.18 Sale! $13.20

  Comfortable adjustable metal cuffs covered in a unique pink leopard print faux fur.  Includes 2 keys.


  Furry Cuffs - $14.49 Sale! $11.99

  Strong metal cuffs covered with comfy faux fur!  Our best selling cuffs.  Very fun, very chic!  Comes with 2 keys.  Available in several colors!  Package design may vary.


  Furry Leg Cuffs - $24.20 Sale! $19.99  

  Romantic, sensual and just a little bit naughty, our adorable Furry Love Cuffs work well on anyone who's been good or bad, but look sexy and have a soft padded interior for comfortable wear. They make great gifts as humorous suggestions, playfully kinky suggestions or just plain sexy fun.  Strong metal cuffs with quick release safety and keys.  Package design may vary.


Furry Cuffs Kit  Furry Leg and Wrist Cuffs Kit - $44.00 Sale! $35.99

  Imagine the erotic possibilities with this kits silky sumptuous blindfold and two heavy pairs of soft faux fur-covered locked metal cuffs made just for wrists and ankles. A short sturdy metal chain connects wrists while a longer chain connects the ankles making it just possible for your erotic captive to walk. Loop the ankle chain through the wrist chain and you have got a deviously kinky hogtie. Includes four keys, fur is removable and washable.  Package design may vary.  Special order.


  Metal Handcuffs - $9.00 Sale! $7.25

  Comes with keys and safety latch.  Three colors to choose from.  Black is no longer available. 


Wedding Shackles  Shackles - $4.25

   Black plastic shackles that slip over your wrist.  They're loose fitting, but you can create an illusion of bondage.



Candy Cuffs Spencer and Fleetwood   Candy Cuffs - $5.95

   Your captive is not going to want to escape from these candy bonds unless you eat your way through to release her.  Have fun nibbling at his wrists.  Click here for matching undies, etc



ThumbCuffs.jpg (25256 bytes)  Thumb Cuffs - $3.00

   Use as key rings, lock someone together or lock your lover's thumb to yours. 




   Leather Blindfold - $12.00 Sale! $9.49

   Plain black leather makes a statement, and it looks damn sexy on. Our Leather Love Mask fits snugly over the eyes, comfortably blocking out light and vision, while a thick elastic band holds it in place, allowing the wearer to move about without dislodging the blindfold.


   Satin Blindfold - $6.99 Sale! $5.99

   With a blindfold, the possibilities for sex play are endless. A blindfolded lover can be aroused, massaged, teased, restrained, made love to, performed oral sex on... anything you can imagine. Plus, when they can't see you, it's fun to relax and watch them squirm with pleasure.  Package design may vary.


   Fur Lined Satin Love Mask - $9.00 Sale! $7.99  

   Slip inside this padded blindfold lined with fur and finished with silky satin. You'll sink into a comfortable sightless paradise while the blindfold stays put with the help of two gentle elastic bands across the back of the head.


Ostrich Feather Tickler Ostrich Feather Tickler - $8.50 Sale! $7.80 ea.

 Gorgeous, soft feathers on a 15 1/2 inch fiberglass wand.  Sexy fantasy game ideas are included.  You may also apply edible body powders with this!  If your first color choice is out of stock, we will substitute another.


Starburst Feather Tickler Starburst Feather Tickler - $8.50 Sale! $7.49 ea.

 Find your partners special spot! Caress your lover's skin with a Body Tickler. Gently glide this Starburst of feather over their body to discover their most secret, sensitive spots. Slowly stroke it back and forth like a violin bow and listen to the music. The possibilities are endless!


Fluffer Feather Tickler Fluffer Feather Tickler - $9.50 Sale! $7.99 ea.

 Fun and fluffy soft feathers on a 15 1/2 inch fiberglass wand.  Sexy fantasy game ideas are included.  You may also apply edible body powders with this!   If your first color choice is out of stock, we will substitute another.


Feather Rose Bud Tickler Rose Bud Feather Tickler - $8.59 Sale! $7.39

  This is one of the most beautiful ticklers we've ever seen.  It's so soft and looks just like a real long stemmed rose.  Even the sepal and leaves are made of feathers.  Many colors to choose from, but if we're out of stock on your first color choice, we'll substitute with the next best.    Use with Kama Sutra Honey Dust


Sex and Mischief Bondage Playing Cards

   Sex and Mischief Bondage Playing Cards - $4.50 Sale $3.50

  Sex & Mischief S&M Risqué Playing Cards. 52 playing cards with a different, sexy S&M image on every single card - game night has just become more erotic.



Kinky Vows Game   Kinky Vows, For Adventurous Lovers - $8.20

     A naked pillow fight . . . Granting a forbidden fantasy . . . Taking naughty photos.  Kinky Vows area collection of naughty suggestions, playful surprises and sexual seductions guaranteed to spice up your love life in AND out of the bedroom. Simply choose a vow and show your lover you are “in the mood”, as a reward, or just because…it’s up to you.  Contains 72 different “vows” written with soft romantic words for even the most conservative customers. Most of the cards are non-gender so they could be good for gay and lesbian customers as well.


Fifty Days of Play Game   Fifty Days of Play - $17.00 Sale! $14.99

   Fifty Days of Play has five levels of sexy game-play with ten secret envelopes for each level from Virginal White through Vanilla Light and Dark Grey to Seductive Black and is packed with intimate and romantic gestures stimulating scenarios naughty suggestions and erotic surprises. Players are invited to roll the die to see what shade of naughtiness they will both be enjoying. The colour co-ordinated envelopes then decide who will be the dominant player and who will play a more submissive role today.


Fetish Seductions Game

   Fetish Seductions Game - $20.00 Sale! $17.99

     Would you like to experiment with something new and unique in the bedroom? ...Find out!  Explore...  This kit allows you to explore the curious world of fetishes including body part fetishes, leather, domination roleplay, hot wax, sploshing, uniforms and more.  It's safe...  Each Fetish Seductions card contains suggestions for you and your lover to try in the safety of your own home. Each card is designed so that you take each roleplay or sexplay technique to your comfortable limits. Play as a game...or simply use one card for each adventure.  Set includes: 36 Fetish Seduction Cards, 1 Feather Tickler, 2 Ropes, 2 Dice, 1 Mask, 1 Candle, and game rules.


Bondage Seductions Game

   Bondage Seductions - $20.00 Sale! $17.99

     Would you like to be Tickled? Spanked? Tied Up?.. Find out! Explore ... This kit allows you to explore the curious world of restraints, dominance, pleasurable pain, and submissiveness. It's safe ... Each Bondage 101 card contains suggestions for you and your lover to try in the safety of your own home. Each card is designed so that you take each roleplay or sexplay technique to your comfortable limits. Play as a game... or simply use one card for each adventure. 


Bound by Love Game

Bound by Love Game - $15.00 Sale! $13.50

   Are you dominant, submissive or perhaps a little of both?  Blindfolded, tickled, whipped, paddled, tied-up or spanked this game will allow you to act out all of your kinky fantasies and forbidden desires. Includes a blindfold, and two satin ties, a die and 50 action cards to act out naughty bondage fantasies.  Directions: Roll the dice to determine who will play first (red for female and black for male).  Choose from one of the 50 category cards and act out a naughty bondage fantasy.  Safely exlpore your personal limits and fantasies in the comfort of your own home...or dungeon.  Box size 6" x 4 7/8" x 2".


Fetish Play Dice   Fetish Play Dice - $5.00

   Tickled, whipped, paddled, tied up, spanked or punished - Act out your deviant fantasies with these fetish dice.  Take turns rolling the dice and indulge your way to fetish heaven - or hell!



  Standard or Beginner's Ball Gag - $9.99 with free love mask!

   Explore a new way of communicating without saying a word. Fetish's new Beginner's Ball Gag will give your partner control and you can't say a word. Adventure into a new world of submission. Enjoy the FREE Love Mask included.


  Diamond Ball Gag - $10.00 Sale! $16.25

   Don't say a word! This soft, clear diamond-shaped ball gag is perfect for beginners who want to take take control. You'll teach your partner the meaning of submission in no time at all! The sturdy black leather strap is easily adjustable to fit any shape or size, giving you instant control over when, and how often, your lover speaks. The Ball Gag is a great way to enhance your erotic encounters!


  Latex Ball Gag - $11.00 Sale! $9.49

   Don't say a word!  Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time at all with this playful black latex ball gag.  The sturdy plastic gag fits snugly in your mouth and features an air hole for easy breathing.  It's instant control over when and how often your lover speaks!  When you're done, simply unsnap the gag from the latex strap and cleanup is a breeze.


   Breathable Ball Gag with Leather Straps - $13.00 Sale! $10.49

   Take control of your fantasies tonight with this ball gag. Designed for comfort, the firm, non-toxic rubber ball has breathing holes for your willing submissive. The high quality, leather strap measures 10 inches in length. Simply adjust the buckle for the perfect fit. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


   Taylor Wayne Fem-Dom Fantasy Strap On - $55.00 Super Sale! $39.99

  •    Realistic vibrating dong and removable clit stimulating silver bullet for the catcher.  Adjustable black pleather harness lined with vibrating labial stimu-bumps for the pitcher.  AA batteries (not included), Mini batteries included.



  Spinning Sex Swing - $172.50 Sale! $149.99

  Enjoy all the positions of the Kama Sutra without being an Olympic athlete!  The Spinning Sex Swing is an incredible piece of hardware that no couple should be without!  Consisting of a heavily padded back support, butt support and stirrups, the spinning sex swing gives you the additional freedom of 360 degree rotation!  Use your imagination or look at the photos on the box.  You'll never run out of uses for this incredible swing!  Comes with a spring, instruction booklet and all hardware for mounting.  Swing holds up to 200 lbs. with the spring in place or 400 lbs without the spring

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