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Better Sex Books, Making Love Guides, Massage & Videos

Kama Sutra and Tantric Loving Books & DVDs

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The Cookie Sutra  The Cookie Sutra - $9.20 Sale! $7.95

  Clever and very cute take on the Kama Sutra with illustrations of the positions demonstrated by two adventurous, and very happy, gingerbread cookies!  Even has a recipe to make your own cookies.  Spice up your holidays with this little book.

Soft cover - 60 pages, adorable color photos

Boyfriend Training Flash Cards   Boyfriend Training Flash Cards - $14.95

  Not all boyfriends come dating-ready--so give your guy a little basic training with these humorous flash cards! They make it so easy to teach him those all-important relationship dos-and-don'ts: on one side's an icon that captures the card's subject, and on the other is advice on how to handle the problem. And they cover the essentials in a way he'll instantly grasp, from putting the toilet seat down to opening doors to (gasp!) handing over the remote control. Give him guidance on what's appropriate conversation (telling you how great you look, for example), acceptable mannerisms, and proper dress. In no time at all, he'll wow your family, friends, co-workers...and YOU.  32 page booklet and 50 training cards in a great flip top gift box.


X-Rated Shots - $5.50 Sale! $4.95

 It's more than alcohol that give these 50 shot recipes that extra kick. The pages are filled with names that range from suggestive to down right triple-X-Rated! This miniature book is perfectly sized to bring to the bar with you and shock your bartender with a naughty request! A great gift for someone with a sense of humor and a taste for the strong stuff!

Hard cover mini book, 3.25 x 2.75 x .5, with dust jacket 127 pages, funny and fun full-color and black and white photos, by Running Press.


10 Secrets to Great Sex - $5.69 Sale! $4.95

  This little book is in the new, popular, miniature size.  It is filled with ten great tips for great sex and a few non-explicit photographs of people in sexy situations (visually not x-rated). It’s a great stocking stuffer idea, mini-valentine or add-on sale item.  Make up your own company kit and include one

Hardcover 127 pages, 3.25 x 2.75 x .5


Supersex - $23.000 Sale! $20.00

  An unequaled sex guide that's packed with erotic advice for every man and woman who want super sex.  A super-hot sex manual for a new generation, Supersex is a stylish, witty, and cutting-edge look at sex in the new millennium. From the internationally best-selling author Tracey Cox, this beautifully illustrated guide highlights the author's unique ability to write about sex in an honest and entertaining way. From the basics of the male and female anatomy to hard-hitting information on sexual techniques, this book covers-and uncovers-it all.  Tracey Cox is an internationally acclaimed sex expert and author of the best selling Hot Sex and Hot Relationships.

Softcover 191 pages, 9.25 x 7.25 x .5, beautiful photos, by Tracey Cox.


Superhotsex Deck- $23.00 Sale! $20.00

   Loaded with lwicked real-life fantasies and tricks for your fingers, tongue, and other parts, superhotsex is a crash course in how to take your sex life from dull to daring-safely and sensibly.  supersex taught you the basics, now superhotsex picks up the pace and takes things a little further, with more advanced techniques, risqué topics, and even sexier pictures to send you into sensory overdrive!  Tracey Cox is the bestselling author of superflirt and supersex. An expert on sex and relationships, she has written for a wide range of newspapers and popular magazines, including Glamour, and Maxim, and is the star of HBO's Sex Inspectors.

Softcover 192 pages, beautiful full-color photos, by Tracey Cox.


Supersex Deck - $18.00 Sale! $15.95

  There’s sex. There’s good sex. And there’s supersex.  Hang on to your headboard – things are going to get very, very hot – when you try your hand at Supersex Deck, the sexiest, most entertaining game in town.  Let your imagination run wild with new, sensuous moves and titillating tricks, tips and techniques.  Make your sex life the real deal with these erotic suits: Fabulous Foreplay, Sure-thing Sex Positions, Sex Tricks and Get Kinky.  Let the games begin . . .

Box of 52 Cards and Instructions, 4 x 6"", beautiful super hot photos, by Tracey Cox.

SuperHotSexDeck and more.


Sex Games - $20.64 Sale! $17.95

 Dare to be wild.  Learn techniques to tease, stimulate and arouse your partner.  Unleash your fantasies with dressing-up games and sexy role play.  Discover the delights of erotic toys and aphrodisiac foods.  Inflame your imagination with party games to play with friends.  Be adventurous by making love in unusual and illicit places, even trios and couples sharing. 

Hard paper cover - 143 pages, beautiful full-color photos, by Linda Sonntag.  Personally, our favorite book so far.


Erotic Massage - $17.25 Sale! $14.99

 Enrich your love making through the power of touch.  Fully illustrated with vibrant, erotic photography and clear instructions for the most stimulating techniques.  From using massage for communication and playful, exploratory games to the most erotic touch techniques of all time.  Erotic massage as foreplay, in love making and as a way of enriching and intensifying orgasm.  Specific techniques to relax and refresh the body and mind and the hottest strokes to intensify and prolong your love making. 

Paper Cover - 160 pages by Anne Hooper


The Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex - $12.59 Sale! $10.95

  How to give a man mind-blowing pleasure.  Women want to know if they are good at giving a man oral sex, and how to give more pleasure through this intimate act. Men want to know how to ask for this most favored activity. Oral sex is intricate, playful and can give any couple more satisfaction in their lovemaking and in their relationship.  Includes 50 tips, tricks and techniques that any woman can master and that will add pleasure and love to this sexiest gift you can give your man.  Hot secrets for the ambitious lover, To swallow or not, find the male g-spot, techniques to make him bigger, simultaneous pleasure, if your baby goes baby-soft, and more.  Photos are black and white and risqué, but not x-rated.

Softcover - 191 pages, by Jane Merrill


Blow Him Away - $12.07 Sale! $9.95

 How to give him mind-blowing oral sex.  It's nothing to be ashamed of.  When it comes to performing oral sex, most people fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless.  But now, in this book, you'll find practical, easy -to-master techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become an expert in the delicate art of fellatio.  Inside you'll find tasteful line drawings of lovers and anatomy and lots to read.

 Softcover - 154 pages, by Marcy Michaels with Marie DeSalle


 Sensational Sex - $10.29 Sale! $8.95

  Awaken the senses and experience memorable, sensation sex through a simple awareness of the power of sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing.  Appreciate the taste of your lover's skin, massage erogenous zones and share fantasies to achieve emotional  fulfillment. 

Small Hard Paper Cover - 128 pages by Linda Sonntag


Pocket Sex Guide - $11.39 Sale! $9.95  

 All aspects of foreplay and intercourse are covered, detailed photos.

 Small Hardcover - 95 pages by Anne Hooper


Ebony Erotica - $11.38 Sale! $9.90  

 A lover's guide to sexual postions.  76 Full color and sexy photos!

 Softcover - 66 pages by Roger Jacobs for California Exotic Novelties, Inc.





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