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Kama Sutra & Tantric Loving Books & DVDs

Kama Sutra Products     Kama Sutra Games     Better & Hot Sex Decks

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KamaSutraSilkBook.jpg (23006 bytes)KamaSutraInsideSilkBook.jpg (16923 bytes) Silk Cloth Covered Kama Sutra - $54.25 Super Sale! $29.99

  A refreshingly modern version of Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra! This 176-page hardbound book keeps the wisdom from centuries ago, but in the language of today. Included in this 8.5" x 11" Japanese silk bound edition, are 21 graphic, hand painted illustrations of the original Kama Sutra love making positions. This brand new edition makes a beautiful gift for couples who want to learn about the ancient art of making love. It provides a perspective on lovemaking that is often lost in the west. Considered one of the great works of ancient Indian literature, the Kama Sutra offered the people of that time a complete approach to one of their pillars of life; Kama, the principal of love, pleasure and sensual gratification. It is a timeless message - those same principals apply equally today! 176 pages, large raw silk covered hardcover.  Gorgeous color plates of original Kama Sutra positions..


Kama Sutra Super Sex Book Kama Sutra Super Sex Book -  $25.00 Sale! $22.80

   Try out 52 of the hottest positions from Eastern erotic classics such as Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, and the Perfumed Garden. Experience the heady bliss of giving yourself up to sensuality, eroticism, and carefree abandon. Discover the spine-tingling, earth-shattering, whole-body delights of Tantric sex.  If you wish to experience sex that is more sensual, more playful, more experimental, or simply more varied and intense, Kama Sutra Super Sex shows you how. Each chapter offers an irresistible selection of Eastern positions, along with the hottest techniques you can use to spice them up even more.  Specially themed pages throughout the book offer insights, wisdom, and advice from both Eastern sex gurus and contemporary Western sexperts. Learn how to tease and titillate; how to connect deeply with your lover through the art of Tantra; how to turn sex into a delicious voyage of sensual discovery; and how to adapt ancient Eastern sex secrets to turn up the erotic heat.  Kama Sutra Super Sex is fun, candid, and very daring. Turn its pages and be inspired to surprise your lover in bed and explore the limits of your sexual imagination.  Soft cover, 9.25" x 7.5" 5/8", 150 pages.  Nicole Bailey.  Special order.


kama Sutra Sticker Book Kama Sutra Sticker Book -  $11.95 Sale! $8.99

   Providing a novel and fun way for lovers to explore Kama Sutra sex, including an introduction to the Kama Sutra, 20 Kama Sutra positions, and reusable stickers for 'filling in' the positions, this is the perfect way to add some fun to anybody's sex life.  Great color photos.  This is no child's sticker book!  It actually will help you make sense of the Kama Sutra with lots of fun in mind.  Hard paper cover, 7.25 x 9.25 inches, 39 pages.


Kama Sutra Arts of Love Book Kama Sutra - The Arts of Love - $15.00 Sale! $13.95  

 An intimate photographic Guide to the arts of love.  This beautifully produced edition is an abridge and annotated version of Vatsyayana's classic work, illustraded with over 150 stunning full color photographs.

 Soft Cover - 6.5 x 8",143 pages by Thorsons


Kama Sutra Coupons - $5.95

   These 22 gorgeous coupons in shades of pinks and purples will have you and your partner locked in sexy positions from the exotic book of pleasure.  Each coupon features a position and then explains in easy to follow directions, how to carry it out.  Photos of straight black and white couples are featured throughout.


Kama Sutra Perfect Bedside Companion Book Kama Sutra - The Perfect Bedside Companion - $12.95

   Beautiful red satin cover and "frog-style" closure make this book a lovely gift. Adapted from the original "Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana by Sir Richard Burton, the text is peppered with ancient Eastern color illustrations.  Kama Sutra, or Aphorisms on Love, is one of the most widely read and enjoyed of the ancient classics. Written in India nearly two centuries ago, this landmark of sensuality explores the rules and commandments of love, pleasure, and mutual gratification with frankness and celebration. In this beautiful new rendering, traditional art and illustrations provide a pleasing accompaniment throughout.  Hardbound, 288 pages, 6.25 x 6.25".  This makes a beautiful gift.


Bedside Kama Sutra Book Bedside Kama Sutra Kit - $29.95

 Unleash the erotic mysteries of Kama Sutra - and experience sublime sex. This gorgeous boxed kit includes: a Kama Sutra pocket book with detailed descriptions of 24 erotic poses, a 60-minute mood music CD to arouse the senses, and a Kama Sutra Bedtime Story Book with sexy stories to share.  8.5 x 8 x 1.25  By Linda Sonntag.


A Lovers Guide to the Kama Sutra A Lover's Guide to The Kama Sutra - $4.95

 A cute and miniature lover's guide with sexy, modern illustrations and translations of historic text. Included is a blue satin bookmark with 24K gold plated heart charm  Hard cover, 96 pages. 


Kama Sutra Pillow Book  Kama Sutra Pillow Book - $14.00 Sale! $12.00

  Contains original prints of Kama Sutra positions.

  Small Hardcover - 64 pages


The Cookie Sutra Christmas Gift  The Cookie Sutra - $9.20 Sale! $7.95

  Clever and very cute take on the Kama Sutra with illustrations of the positions demonstrated by two adventurous, and very happy, gingerbread cookies!  Even has a recipe to make your own cookies.

Soft cover - 60 pages, adorable color photos

Out of Stock

Lesbian Kama Sutra Book  The Lesbian Kama Sutra - $24.98 Sale! $18.99

  Featuring a luscious illustrated journey through different sexual positions, and covering everything from meeting a partner, kissing, seduction and foreplay to masturbation, penetration, sex toys and experimentation...encourages pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited indulgence and play, while providing practical advice on sexual techniques, relationship issues, emotional wellbeing and sexual health. Visually stunning, it is illustrated with exquisite fine-art paintings and erotic drawings that capture the female form in all its glorious beauty.  Hard cover with dust jacket - 144 pages.  9 x 11".  Color photos, artwork, drawings.


kama sutra book Thorsons Thorson's Kama Sutra - $18.38 Sale! $14.99

 Kama Sutra is a way of expressing love, pleasure and sensual gratificateion.  First Direction's book is an inspirational source of information, insights and practical techniques to change your life.  Hardcover - 90 pages


The Tantric Sex DeckThe Tantric Sex Deck - $16.00 Sale! $14.95

  From provocative positions to pleasure-enhancing techniques for him and her, the 50 easy-to-use cards in this deck reveal the tantalizing secrets of Tantric theory.  Soft and whimsical illustrations.

Hard cover box - 50 cards.


Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions DVDKama Sutra of Sexual Positions Book Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions Book & DVD

 Book:  Over 100 color images of lovers in sexual embrace.  The best from:  Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, Ishimpo, Song of Songs and other traditions and other times.  Softcover - 63 pages.  DVD:  Through a unique blend of erotic temple sculptures, ancient passionate dances, and mystical poetry from lovers around the world, this film brings together The Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions, East Indian Dance for the Beloved and African Full Moon Dance to capture the magic of passionate love.  Special features included.  60 mins.



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