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Inflatable Love Dolls, Sex Dolls & Booby Balloons

Please email or call us if you're looking for a doll you didn't see on our web site, we can special order.

A lot more dolls are available at our new sister site Sexy & Sweet!  20% off $75.00+, use code SS208312013 or 10% off $10+ SS10ANY

Please note that blow up dolls are sold as novelty items only and the least expensive of them would most certainly not look like the model on the cover of the box and they are not perfectly anatomically correct.  All dolls, unless otherwise noted, will be naked and not as featured on the box.  Some will have costumes and that will be noted in the description.  In the spirit of fun, most people buy the dolls to give as joke presents or to have as a party prop.  Get an inexpensive wig and some cute clothes to dress your doll and make her more attractive.  Take her river rafting, to the bar, sing karaoke with her, hang out at the pool, etc.  If you're looking for a sex doll, you'll have to pay upwards of $100 to get anything decent, however, the inexpensive dolls are accessible.  We do not accept returns on any doll or balloons and the manufacturer will handle any problems if you have such.  Most dolls are around 5 feet tall unless otherwise stated.

Click on photos for detail - No wholesale on this page.

  Booby Balloons - $6.80 Sale! $6.45

  6 big and bouncy latex breast shaped balloons.  Available in brown, flesh and multi-colors. 




  8 Booby Balloons, 7 Different Prints - $4.00 Sale! $3.25

   An 11" latex balloon is printed on 2 sides with a boob image. Up to 7 different boob images, with one repeat, per pack.



Judy Love Doll  Judy Doll - $27.00 Sale! $21.99

   She needs a little loving, so give her a dress, maybe strap on the old ball and chain and make the bachelor drag her around town.  Life sized.  Judy comes gift boxed as shown.  She's like Barbie, no holes.  Printed face, blond hair, no open mouth.  Stands upright, arms do not move.  Look no further if you want a plain doll that isn't nasty.  Just under 5'. 



  Travel Judy Doll - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

   Meet Judy, the pocket sized party girl who's always ready to blow.  This adorable airhead never says no to a good time-just add air and she's yours to enjoy.  She's perfect for bachelor parties, group sessions, and riding shotgun in the carpool lane.  Take her with you wherever you go-Judy loves to be the life of the party!  26" tall and is blond weaved hair, not dark haired as shown on package, printed face.



  Inflatable Wife - $10.00 Sale! $8.25

   Your new sexy spouse will say 'I do' in more ways than you've ever imagined.  She's 20 inches tall and looks just like the gal on the display in the picture.  Click here  

  Perfect Date Doll - $30.00 - Sale! $27.99

  She'll hold your beer or soda can!  Stands upright with weighted feet, it's hard to knock her down.  About 30" tall.  No holes, except in the top of her head!  Shipping surcharge may apply to orders going to east coast because of extra weight.  Drop shipped or special order.  New packaging.


  Shipped separately.

   Young & Hot Love Doll with CyberSkin Pussy and Ass - $110.00 Sale! $87.99

  When you want a no hassle good time with a woman, it's time to break out the Young and Hot Inflatable Love Doll with CyberSkin Pussy and Ass from Topco; a life-size inflatable love doll with removable CyberSkin pussy and ass. The Realistic, 3D face with soft lips and a "deep throat" feels just as good as the open ended, ribbed love tunnel. Lifelike eyes, extra long hair and perky breasts with soft, erect nipples help complete the fantasy. Waterproof and Phthalate free for easy cleanup and safe fun.  CyberSkin and Vinyl. Waterproof. Phthalates Free. Repair Kit Included.

                            Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

  Luv Twins Double Date Love Dolls - $46.00 - Sale! $36.99

  Double your pleasure and double your fun, 2 sexy bitches are better than one!  Create your own threesome with the hottest set of twin sisters ever to tag-team your cock! Teach these curious co-eds about the school of hard cocks-- they're just begging for an after school lesson in advanced sex ed!  With six tight love holes to choose from, you get a double dosage of tasty teens... You do the math!  Great bang for your buck!

                            Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

  Shane's World College Party Doll - $27.70 - Sale! $24.99

  The perfect party girl.  Drink your beer and don't share!  You don't have to take her out to dinner.  Four color face.  3 holes, stands upright.


    Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Fuck Doll

  Cindy Crӿwford Fuck Doll - $31.00 - Super Sale! $21.99

  Don't just dream about fucking me, take me home and enjoy all 3 of my tight fuck holes tonight!  I'm your fantasy fuck slut and my warm pussy is throbbing in anticipation...just waiting for your rock-hard rod to penetrate me. And don't worry Daddy, I like it rough! Explore every inch of my body from my perky lil` tits, to my soft, round ass, to my spread eagle pink pussy...I'm all yours to do as you please!  Blond hair, printed face, open, 3 openings.



Paris Love Doll

  Paris Love Doll - $31.00 - Sale! $24.99

  This seductive socialite gets down and dirty!  She's a filthy rich bitch and she means filthy!  Great party favor for the man who has everything.  Blond, printed face, 3 holes.




Kneeling Love Doll Jodie Moore

  Jodie Moore Kneeling Love Doll with DVD - $42.25 - Sale! $35.99

  Jodie's all yours, every inch of her!  She's down on her knees waiting for you to satisfy her urge to please you.  3 holes.  Includes XXX DVD with Jodie.  Laser printed face, blond hair.




Eva Desperate Housewife Doll

  Eva Desperate Housewife Love Doll - $31.00 Sale! $24.99

  (As written on box)  Meet Eva, your very own desperate housewife who loves to play when her hubby is away! This hot whore next door is no homemaker though... she's a home-wrecker with three love holes and a passion for pleasure! Look at her big tits, that round ass, and those juicy lips. Who could resist? She's desperate for dick and she'll do anything to get her mouth on some. What are you waiting for? Introduce your pleasure rod to your new neighbor!  Printed, dark hair, 3 holes.



guidette Love Doll

  Guidette Love Doll - $31.00 Sale! $24.99

  (As written on box)  She's the whore from the Jersey shore who always wants more! Meet Guidette, the filthy lil' pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all you can eat buffet! When this pudgy porker ain't tanning or stuffing her face, she's busy blowin' every guido on the boardwalk with a tan and a tank top. Just add air and this little slut is the life of any party--be careful though, she's a real knockout when she gets drunk! What are you waiting for yo, give her your friggin' sauseege already kid!  We will special order if you put in cart, just allow an extra week for delivery if you order with other items.


                              Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Britney Love Doll Blow Up Doll

  Britney Bitch Love Doll - $31.00 - Sale! $27.99

  She's Britney bitch, the pig-tailed popstar princess who's got a body that won't quit and a brain that won't start! Just add air and this washed-up white trash whack-job will suck the chrome off a trailer hitch quicker than you can say food stamps! When she's not stuffin' her muffin with man meat, this busty blow-up bimbo is busy giving fans more beaver shots than an Oregon wildlife calendar. She's got three toxic love holes that are begging for your pleasure rod, so what are you waiting for….bang this baby one more time


                             Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Kinky Kim Love doll

  Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll - $31.00 - Sale! $24.99

  Meet Kinky Kim, the busty bubble-butt bimbo who's had more dark meat in her than a bucket of fried chicken! No one really knows what’s she’s famous for—except cellulite and her insatiable appetite for filthy sex! This dirty lil' diva wants you to stick it in her face and get it all over the place--in her crack or on her back, between her thighs or in her eyes, in her snatch or down her hatch! Her three hungry love holes are starving for your man meat--serve it to her piping hot, make it big, and load her with your secret sauce!


                               Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Crazy Daisy Love Doll

  Crazy Daisy Love Doll - $31.00 - Sale! $24.99

  She'll take you for the ride of your life!  She can't wait to give you some good ol' Southern hospitality.  Grab your push rod, pump your piston and fill her three cylinders of love. Printed face, 3 holes.  Two colors of hair to choose from.




MILF Blow Up Doll

  MILF Love Doll - $29.50 - Sale! $22.99

  If you like your tail a little more mature, this sexy soccer mom is just your type.  Give motherly love a whole new meaning! Blond, printed face, 3 holes.



Jamie Lynn Cyberskin Vibating Doll  Jamie Lynn Cyberskin Vibrating Doll - $144.50 Sale! $115.99

  Jamie Lynn is ready to give herself to you! This life-size inflatable sex doll with multi-speed love bullet has everything you need for ultimate personal satisfaction. This vibrating doll has chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes, just like Jamie Lynn. Her face was created from an actual mold of Jamie and her sultry lips are always open and wanting more. Caress her supple breasts or lick her perky hard nipples while you enjoy any of her 3 love entries. The open ended CyberSkin masturbation sleeve vaginal and anal entries were also molded from Jamie Lynn's most intimate parts to deliver every delicious detail. The ribbed sleeve with realistic hair can be used in the doll or by itself! For sensational vibrations, bullet requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Let Jamie Lynn satisfy you over and over again!



Exotic and Erotic Love Doll Cyper Skin Pussy and Ass  Exotic & Erotic Love Doll with CyberSkin Pussy and Ass - $110.00 Sale! $87.99

  When you want a no hassle good time with a woman it's time to take a wild trip with the Exotic and Erotic Inflatable Love Doll with CyberSkin Pussy and Ass. This amazing love doll will deliver all the sensual mysteries of the orient right to wherever you decide to use her. This amazing life-like doll comes with a magnificent pair of tits and a lifelike face that has a wide-open deep throat mouth that's ready to give you the blow job of your life.  The CyberSkin Pussy and Ass insert has an amazing realistic pussy at one end with perfect pink folds and a lovely clitoris. On the other end of the CyberSkin Pussy and Ass insert is a puckered anal entrance. Whichever hole you decide to use out of pussy, ass, and mouth; you will be guaranteed to be stimulated like nothing else that has come before while you're left shuddering in the wake of the most powerful orgasms at the "hands" of this slut.  CyberSkin and Vinyl. Waterproof. Phthalates Free. Repair Kit Included.


Asian Fever Persuasion Love Doll  Asian Fever/Asian Persuasion Love Doll - $30.00 Sale! $25.99

  Your wish is her command!  This delectable pearl of the orient is built to please.  Dark hair, printed face, three holes.




Yumi Anime Love Doll

  Yumi the Asian Anime Love Doll - $31.70 - Sale! $29.36

  Let your far East fantasies come true. She's always ready, will and able.  Yummy Yumi the Asian Anime doll with the fuckable pussy, ass, mouth and big tits.  Drop shipped, special order.


                              Special order, allow a few extra days delivery if ordered with other items.

Kimmi Anime Love Doll

  Kimmi the Anime Love Doll with Pleasure Sleeve - $35.10 - Sale! $25.99

  She may look shy, but she's always ready and willing to satisfy your every need.  Kimmi is your fantasy turned reality!  She has 2 holes for your pleasure with a removable UR3 (ultra realistic skin) pussy and the cutest face you will ever come across.  Looks like doll on box.  Stands upright.



Anime Annie Love Doll

  Anime Annie Love Doll - $31.50 - Sale! $23.99

  Your very own Hentai hottie who's serving up the best sushi in town.  This gorgeous lil' geisha never says no to a good time, just add air and she's yours to enjoy.  Looks like girl on box.  Has vaginal hole.



Inflatable Tammy Black Love Blow Up Doll  Tammy Doll - $20.00 Sale! $17.00

   Inflatable Tammy doll is life-size. Perfect for bachelor, spring break, birthday or pool parties.



Black Girl Blow Up Doll  Lacey Sexy Sista Love Doll - $29.99 - Sale! $25.99

  Life-like laser printed beautiful ebony face, 4-color love doll.  Dark hair.  Firm breasts and 3 holes.




India Nubian Love Doll  India Nubian Love Doll - $29.99 - Sale! $27.99

  Life-like beautiful ebony face, 4-color love doll.  Firm breasts and 3 holes.


  Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Miss Dusky Diva Travel Sized Loved Doll

  Miss Dusky Diva Petite Ebony Love Doll - $10.30 Sale! $9.79

  She's so small in size, but she takes it hard and she takes it all!  26".  Dark hair, printed face, two holes.



Shanaynay Travel Size Love Doll

  Shananay Travel Love Doll - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

  Oh, no she didn't!  Oh, yes she will!  26" of chocolate fantasy fun.  Dark hair, printed face like doll on box, one hole.



Fatty Patty Blow Up Doll

  Fatty Patty Love Doll - $36.99 Sale! $27.99

  She's large and in charge.  She'd make a great raft for your next pool party!  This is the perfect gag gift or if you know someone that likes large and lovely women.  Larger than life sized, printed face, red hair, three holes.




  Travel Size Fatty Patty - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

  Her blood type is ragu, her belt size is the equator, and she has to iron her pants in the driveway every morning.  She's Fatty Patty and she's livin' large!  With more rolls than a bakery and more chins than a Chinese phonebook, she's so big she's got her own zip code.  Take this jumbo whore home with you tonight (if you can carry her). Her love holes are begging for your pleasure rod!  26" tall.


    Special order, no drop ship.

Big Babe Bella Mini Love Doll

  Big Babe Bella Mini Doll - $9.25 Sale! $8.29

  Your hot chubby lover that's only 26 inches tall!  This mini fatty doll has two love holes for your pleasure.  Big Babe Bella is fun to travel with or have as a table prop for a party.  Dark hair, printed face, two holes.




Mini Midget Love Doll

  Mini Midget Love Doll - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

  You've always dreamt about banging' a little person, so here's your big chance!  Looks like doll on box, dark hair, 2 holes.  26 inches tall.



Meme Midget Blow Up Doll

  Meme the Midget Love Doll - $20.00 Sale! $16.50

  Good things cum in small packages!  Life size midget.  Blond hair, printed face, 3 holes.  DVD is no longer included.



California Girl Love Doll Sex Doll Blow Up Doll

  California Girl Love Doll - $41.50 Sale! $34.99

  She's ready to ride your waves! Strip her out of her pink wet bikini and climb on for the ride of your life.  Mannequin face, kissable lips, blond flowing hair, perfect breasts, two love passages (no oral).



Flight Attendant Blow Up Doll

  Sexy Flight Attendant Doll - $51.00 Super Sale! $40.99

  Join the Mile High Club!  Removable uniform and cap, life-like 3-D mannequin face wit kissable lips, 2 love holes below, no oral.  Long flowing brunette hair, voluptuous body with sexy legs.



Blaze Filthy Firewoman Blow Up Love Doll

  Blaze the Filthy Firewoman Doll - $39.00 Sale! $35.99

  Sound the alarm, she's blazing hot!  Three smoldering love holes to handle your hose.  She starts more fires than she puts out.  Satisfy your every burning desire.  Okay, enough fire puns.  Stands upright, comes with cute little satin hat, bra top and jacket, red hair in braids.  Molded face, three hols.



My Naughty Nurse Blow Up Love Sex Doll  My Naughty Nurse Doll - $61.70 Sale! $49.99

  She's gonna raise more than your blood pressure!  Includes nurses uniform and cap.  She has a beautiful realistic 3-D face, long flowing blond hair and soft kissable pink lips.  2 love holes below, no oral.


                             Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Nurse Taylor Blow Up Doll  Nurse Taylor Doll - $64.00 Sale! $59.99

  Just what the doctor ordered!  3D thermal formed face, 2 love holes below, no oral, life size.  Includes cap, lab coat, 7" white vibrator and 2" multi-speed bullet.  Long blond flowing hair.  Batteries not included.



Sasha Grey Love Sex Doll  Sasha Grey All 3 Holes Doll - $28.00 Sale! $22.49

   This adult superstar defies tradition with her supermodel looks and mysterious persona. She is the fantasy of men and women everywhere, and now she’s all yours! Sasha Grey offers you her three holes—mouth, pussy, and ass— to satisfy your every desire. Gaze into her big brown eyes as you fuck her pussy, make her take your entire length in her mouth, and show her who’s boss while you give it to her ass. Your ultimate fantasy has finally come true! Made of latex-free PVC for easy inflation, care, and storage.  Made of Latex-free PVC, inflatable and easy to clean, 3 pleasure orifices, lifelike silkscreen of Sasha's beautiful face, dark hair.


Hanna Hilton Penthouse Pet Blow up doll

Andie Valentino Love Doll

  Penthouse Pet Love Dolls - $33.80 Sale! $26.99 ea.

  Andie Valentino Love Doll, Deep Penetrating Position.  Pretty face screened directly from Penthouse® Pet Andie Valentino.  Auburn hair, sweet brown eyes and luscious pink lips.  Gorgeous face screened directly from Penthouse® Pet Hanna Hilton.  Platinum blonde hair, ice blue eyes and inviting pink lips.  Sexy doggy style position.  Both dolls have three enticing entries: mouth, pussy and ass.  Extra big tits and sexy hard nipples.  Free repair kit included


Vivid Girl Love Doll SavannahVivid Girl Sex Doll BrianaVivid Girl Blow Up Doll Mercedes

  Vivid Girl Blow Up Dolls - $26.70 Sale! $19.99 ea.

  Just how lucky are you?  Your own XXX star!  Vivid stars Savanna, Briana or Mercedez.  Three holes:  Pussy, ass, mouth.  100% bump and grind tested.  Stands upright.  Actual face printed on doll.  Look her in the eyes when you fuck her. . .




Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie Love Doll Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie Love Doll - $65.99 - Sale! $43.99

  Adam and Eve Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie Inflatable Love Doll.  Life sized inflatable cowgirl love doll.  Three ways to wrangle her: mouth, pussy and ass openings.  Pretty screen printed face with flirty blue eyes and inviting lips.  Removable cowboy hat, fringed skirt and fringed bikini top.  Includes repair kit



Travel Size Granny Love Doll

  Travel Size Granny Love Doll - $14.00 - Sale! $11.25

  You've never had it so old!  26".  Who said "Beauty comes with age?"  Wrinkles saggy tits, and broken hips are more like it!  Looks a little prettier than the gal on the box.



gum Job Granny Love Doll

  Gum Job Granny Doll - $32.00 - Sale! $25.65

  The toothless wonder Granny love doll.  Comes with her own wind up hopping false teeth!  3 holes.  Great over the hill party gag gift.


                              Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

GILF Granny Blow Up Doll

  G.I.L.F. Doll - $33.00 - Sale! $26.49

  Granny I'd Like to Fuck.  She's had plenty of years to practice and she's ready for you!  She doesn't have baggy skin and she actually has a cute face and white printed hair.  Great for over the hill parties, dress her up in a muumuu or give her a red hat.  3 holes.


   Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Bathroom Buddy for Him

  Bathroom Buddy - $23.50 - Sale! $19.99

  Use her in the bath, in bed or while watching TV.  Isn't it nice to have someone to cuddle you?  Cute babe from the chest up only.  Has suction cups to use as a head rest while bathing.  She even holds your beverage!



Lovin Lamb Blow Up Love Doll Travel Size

  Lovin' Lamb Travel Size - $14.00 - Sale! $11.25

  Wooooooeeeee!  You've just wrangled your very own Lovin' Lamb!  Any old time ewe're in the mood for a roll in the hay, she'll be yer barnyard babe!  Ewe'll be singing E-I-E-I-OHHHH till the cows come home!  The Lovin' Lamb always satisfies and darn tootin' if she ain't the life of the hootenanny.  12" tall.



Talking Sheep Doll

  Talking Sheep - $20.50 - Sale! $19.49

  Blow up sheep with action-activated sound.  Press the noise box and you get the sound of a lamb in love!  White.  One Hole.



Lovin Lamb Blow Up Doll

  Luvin' Lamb - $16.50 - Sale! $13.49

  As quoted on back of box:  Don't be alone tonight, have a wooly night delight!  Whooooe!  You've just wrangled yer very own lovin' lamb!  Endorsed by the Shear Pleasure Society.  Now, any old time ewe are in the mood for a roll in the hay, she'll be your barn babe.  Ewe'll be singin' E-I-E-I-Ohhhh 'til the cows come home!  The lovin' lamb is a real sheap date and darn tootin' if she ain't the life of any ol' hootenanny.  2 colors to choose from, one hole.  Approx. 2 feet.  1 opening.



Blow Up Billy Goat Doll

  Billy Goat - $16.50 - Sale! $16.20

  As quoted on back of box:  Ye...Ha!  You've just shepherded yer own BLOW UP BILLY GOAT!  Any time you are in the mood for a roll in the hay, she'll be your shear delight.  Sometimes it feels so good being so ba-a-a-ad!  White goat about 2 feet.  1 opening.



Love Piggy Erotic Blow Up  Erotic Love Piggy - $18.50 - Sale! $13.49

  No party is complete without the farmyard livestock.  About 2 feet, in white.  Package says:  Sue...Eeee!  You've just hog tied yer very won EROTIC LOVE PIGGIE!  Any time you are in the mood for a roll in the mud, she'll be your sexy sow.  Sometimes you just gotta go HOGGIN.  1 opening.


                              Special order if ordered with other items, otherwise drop shipped.

Old Ball and Chain  The Old Ball & Chain - $5.50 Sale! $4.45

   Plastic ball with cotton tie and light-weight metal chain.  Ball is about the size of a cannonball.



Wedding Shackles

   Click for handcuffs and shackles, Click Here




Bordello Stroker

Bordello Masturbators and Toys for Guys




Male Dolls

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Mugs, Shot Glasses, Straws & Ice Cubes & Tableware

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Party Prizes & Novelties, Sexy Golf Tees, Naughty Pens, Pussy Soap-On-A-Rose & Lots More

Games, Pin the Boobs on the Babe, X-Rated Playing Cards

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If you didn't see an item that you wanted, call or EMAIL us with your request.

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