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Sex Vouchers, Love Coupons & Sexy Scratchers

Click on photos for detail. 

No wholesale on this page. Coupons may be substituted at our discretion if what you choose is out of stock.  Let us know if you do NOT want a substitute.

Worlds Greatest Lover Certificate World's Greatest Lover Diploma for Her - $3.99

  This diploma certifies that ___________ , has successfully completed the necessary relationship requirements in the areas of sexuality, communications, understanding, tolerance, patience and love, and is thus, awarded the diploma of Greatest Lover.  In witness whereof, I bestow upon her the honorable title of Ideal Woman, by virtue of which she is granted membership in the very select Greatest Lovers Club. ____________ (Satisfied lover)  stamped with metallic 'Greatest Lovers Club.'


Quickie Jar Sex Coupons Adult Game   Quickie Jar - $4.50

   Open the jar and pick a quickie suggestion! One week of quickies in a jar. Display of 12 jars.


Blow Job Jar   Blow Job Jar - $4.50   Description: A blow job a day keeps the doctor away. Each jar contains one week of blow jobs. There's a new surprise each day. You have 24 hours to redeem each one of them!


My Naughty Valentine Check Book Vouchers Coupons

  My Naughty Valentine Check Book - $5.25

  20 checks themed for Valentines Day that promise all types of good loving.  Click here for lots more scratchers, coupons and vouchers.

Kiss Me Coupon Book Love Vouchers   Kiss Me Coupon Book - $6.50

   23 coupons in book form.  Really beautifully decorated pages with creative ideas to redeem these sexy and fun coupons.


SEX Coupon Book Sexual Positions Voucher   Sex! Coupons - $4.99

   20 different romantic SEX! for your lover whenever you are feeling generous...and in the mood for some HOT SEX!  Each coupon has a sex positon and a descriptive picture.


Erotic Edibles Coupons   Erotic Edibles Coupons - $4.99

   20 different romantic SEX! for your lover whenever you are feeling generous...and in the mood for some HOT SEX!  Each coupon has a sex positon and a descriptive picture.


Lets Fuck Coupon Book   Let's F*ck Coupon Book - $5.00

   The XXX coupon book!  20 different Letís F*ck! coupons for your lover whenever you are feeling generous...and in the mood for some naughty fun!  Each unique coupon good for one night includes 3 pictures of three different props, positions or actions to make the evening exciting.  6.75" x 3"  Booklet cover may vary slightly.


   I.O.U. A Merry Sex-Mas Coupon Book - $4.80

   Make every night of your holiday a naughty one with these 25 gifts. Make the mistletoe much more fun with this ultimate stocking stuffer!  6 x 3"

  Out of Stock

   Holiday 'Treats' Coupon Book - $4.50

   12 coupons for adventurous lovers for Christmas through the New Year!

  Out of Stock

   Bondage Coupons - $4.00  

   A great way to introduce a little bit of kink into the bedroom, each of these 20 coupons will inspire you and your partner with just the right amount of naughtiness!  Each coupon is red or black with corset detailing.  20 coupons (10 designs x 2 each).  Measures 6.75Ē x 3Ē.


   Kinky Cash - $5.20

   When was the last time you had a proper spanking?  Do you miss being tied up? With Kinky Cash all of your hidden fetish pleasures will be fulfilled. Indulge yourselves with 24 forbidden desires as you open the pages of this coupon book and follow the instructions inside.

   Out of Stock

   Sexy Vouchers for Her - $5.00  

   10 really sexy treats for her.  Hilarious explicit cartoons.


   Bedroom Bucks - $4.50  

   If your sex life is lacking excitement and intrigue then you definitely need "Bedroom Bucks"  Indulge yourselves with 24 different sexual desires as you open the pages of this coupon book and follow the instructions included.


Great Sex Coupons Vouchers   Great Sex Coupon Book - $7.69

   Treat yourself to moments of unforgettable passion with these seductive tear-out coupons! There are 22 coupons here to please, tease, excite, and ignite you and your partner! Sample: This coupon is good for an uninhibited session of pleasure - letís literally rip each otherís clothes off!

                            Out of Stock

   Gay Blowjob Vouchers - $4.50

   10 unforgettable treats for men only.  Has fun coupons such as:  Blowjobs with whipped cream, in the kitchen, while watching TV, first thing in the morning, in the middle of the night, in the car and more!


Hot Gay Sex Coupon Book Voucher   Hot Gay Sex Coupon Book - $7.75

  23 Red-Hot invitations to fulfill your every desire..


  Sex Vouchers for Him or Her- $3.00

  Four tear-off cards and one envelope for various love and sex treats.


Sex Scratch Tickets Love Vouchers    SEX! Scratch Tickets - $5.00 Sale! $4.50

    Match any 3 symbols and see what sexy treat is on tonight's menu!  Package includes 8 scratch tickets. Makes a fun stocking stuffer or greeting card addition!


   Sex Scratchers - $9.95

   Big pack of 100 tear-off lottery tickets to scratch and win!  Get your game on with Baby's Got Blackjack!  Dig for bedroom gold with Pirate's Booty!  Get down with Dirty Dice! With 100 chances to win, these sexy scratch tickets give a whole new meaning to lotto fever!  4 x 6 in; 40 pp ; 100 tear-out games cards on 40 pages.


Love Lotto Scratch and Win   Love Lotto Scratch & Win Lottery Tickets - $9.95

   Big pack of scratchers!  When it comes to love, it's all in how you play the game. Win big-time romance and long-lasting passion with 100 chances to score the biggest jackpot of all your sweetie's heart.


   Kinky Sex Scratchers - $9.95

   Big pack of scratchers!  From sex toys and bondage to spankings to racy role-plays, this booklet of 120 ultra-naughty scratch tickets will make every trip to the boudoir an adventure.


   Sexy Treasure Hunt - $14.99

   An entertaining and romantic game for couples that will add spice to your daily lives.  Each player must hide 15 scratchers all over the house.  The players must then find their partner's scratchers to enjoy the rewards.  The rewards range from breakfast in bed to your favorite sexual favor.  15 scratchers for her, 15 scratchers for him.  Gift boxed.  Fun gift for newlyweds or an anniversary.


  Sexy Scratchers - $2.00 ea.

  Little Love Treats:  Have your sweetheart scratch one heart per week and the treat is your command.  Sex Jungle:  Discover 3 identical favors and win it!  BJ Scratchers:  Uncover 3 erect peckers and win a blowjob!  Feels Soooo Good!:  Scratch each one at a time for an interesting activity to perform.  Boobs Mania:  Uncover 3 identical Boobsy actions and win that favor.  Everyone wins with Sexy Scratcher!


   Lover's Lotto - $5.99 pack of 10

   A fun scratch off game that looks like a real tear-off lottery ticket.  There are no losers with Lover's Lotto!  Everyone wins, every time!  10 tickets per pack.



  101 Sexy Surprises for Him or Her - $8.99 ea.

   Based on the classic post notes, this collection of nine notepads with 24 pages each set the stage for a little naughty activity around the house anywhere you can stick a note up.  Enjoy sticky notes like "kiss me here," "let's get naked," "lick me here," "spank me," and many more


iou stickies for her

  I O U Sex Stickies - $7.00 ea.

   Feeling frisky?  Let your lover know you are in the mood with a Sex Sticky! Place them around the house, in their car, or even a lunchbox! They get to choose one of three sexy scenarios and you get to indulge in something wild and unexpected.  With 100 heart-shaped sticky notes, the adventures will never end.


IOU Naughty Heart Panties Valentine


  I.O.U. Naughty Heart Invitation Panties - $12.00 Sale! $9.50

  Looking to add some naughtiness to your love life? Make it a night to remember with this I.O.U Naughty Heart invitation panties, the perfect way to initiate your next sexual encounter. How to Use: Slip on your sexy panty and then tie one or more IOU's to the front bow. Greet your lover wearing the panty along with your favorite bra, pasty set, camisole, or nothing at all. At that moment, ask your lover to open the I.O.U invitation(s), revealing yet another wild surprise.  Available in red, purple or pink.  We'll substitute color if your first choice is out of stock.  These are special order and take up to an extra week to get in stock.


Coupons may be substituted at our discretion if what you chose is out of stock.  Let us know if you do NOT want a substitute.



If you didn't see an item that you wanted, call or EMAIL us with your request.

Allergy Warning:  All chocolates we sell may contain and are made in facilities that use tree nuts, peanuts, soy, corn and/or dairy.

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