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Naughty Valentine Chocolates & Candy

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  Happy Ending Valentine Fortune Cookies - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

  Seven unique naughty fortune cookies for seven nights of fun. Each individually wrapped delicious and baked fresh in the USA.  Fortune Examples: Wild Card, Tonight is your choice and Tonight you will experience a massage like no other.  Other styles listed in the drop down menu.



   Valentines Day Naugty Stick Figure Heart Box with Candy - $8.00 Sale! $6.75 ea.

   Happy Valentines Day Candy box decorated with naughty stick figure people filled with sweet candy hearts inside. From Candyprints.  Heart box measures 5.75" x 5.75" x 1" and there are 25 -30 candies per box.

   Let's Fck! & I Fcking Love You! X-Rated Candy in Heart Box - $8.00 Sale! $6.75 ea.

  You will have to wash your mouth out with soap after you're done giving this box of hard candy hearts with a variety of X-rated messages stamped on each one.  Heart box measures 5.75" x 5.75" x 1" and there are 25 -30 candies per box.  This is a MUST HAVE for V-Day!!  Print on box may vary.


   X-Rated or Risqué Valentine Hearts - $4.00 Sale! $3.79 ea.

   1.6 ounces of Assorted Colored Small Heart Candies with X-Rated or Risqué Messages!  If one style is out of stock, we'll substitute.  6 pc and 24 packs available too, email us.



   X-Rated Jumbo Valentine Hearts

   Hilarious phrases on these candy hearts.  Just like the little boxed Valentine candy you've come to know and love, but a little bit bigger and a lot nastier!  Available in 100 piece box or bagged sets.  3.1 g ea. 



Adult Conversation Hearts Valentine Gift  Mini Embellished Heart Box with Naughty Valentine Hearts - $3.49

  6 pcs of assorted colors fruity heart candies with risqué/x-rated messages in a cute little heart shaped silver tin with window.


X Rated Valentine Candy in Heart Tin  Heart Tin with Magnet Filled with Naughty Valentine Messages Candies - $5.99

  6 packages of naughty valentine message candies in a white reusable tin with Valentine magnet.  Magnet design may vary.


Heart Box Filled with Naughty Valentine Hearts - $6.99

  1.5 ounces (approx 22 pcs) of assorted colors fruity heart candies with risqué/x-rated messages or 2 oz (approx. 12 pcs) sexy positions fun gum balls in assorted colors.  Tin design varies..


Original X-Rated Candy Candyprints

   X-Rated Candy - $5.00 Sale! $3.75 ea.

   2 ounces of Tangy Assorted Flavor Candies with X-Rated Messages!  Sold by the 6 pc box as shown or the single box.



   Let's Fuck Lollies - $2.99 ea.                     

   Cute heart shaped lollies printed with Let's Fuck.  Surely this will get your message across.  About 3 inches wide.  Just like the printed lollies you liked as a kid, smells yummy and tastes fruity.  50 gms.


Hearst Tin

Chocolates for Lovers Lover's Chocolate Survival Kit - $15.50

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees, Shaggin', three milk chocolate foil hearts, lube pillow pack and a colorful condom.  Packaged in a beautiful round heart tin or rectangle tin (tin color may vary) - 6 ounces.  Mixed couple adds 2.00 to order.


  Loving Couples Trio Boxed Sets

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees, Shaggin' and three milk chocolate foil hearts.  Packaged in a plain red or decorated heart tin. Plain tin has groove on border and is slighter larger than decorated tin.  Third choice pictured right is of extra fancy candy box in heart or oval shape.  6 ounces total chocolate weight.  Mixed couple adds 2.00 to order.


Valentine Gift Basket of Chocolates Lovers Adult Loving Couples Trio in Love Basket - $15.00

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees, Shaggin' and three milk chocolate foil hearts.  Packaged in a cute glossy cardboard basket with hearts and the sentiment 'Love' on the back.  Pink carry handle, packaged in clear poly bag, ted with ribbon.  6.5 oz.  Adding the mixed couples will add 2.00.


 Loving Couples Trio in Book Style Box - $15.00

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees, Shaggin' and three milk chocolate foil hearts.  Packaged in an elegant paper book-style box tied with ribbon on the size.  6.5 oz.  Adding the mixed couples will add 2.00.



 Lovers Gift Tote - $15.50

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees, Shaggin' and Smooch lollipop..  Packaged a cute printed tote (Tote design may vary from year to year).  6.5 ounces.   Mixed couple adds 2.00 to order.


 Loving Couples Duo

 Kissing couple, On Your Knees and two milk chocolate foil hearts..  Packaged in a beautiful paper heart box or tin, designs vary.  4.5 ounces.   Mixed couple adds 2.00 to order.



MugThreesomePkgd.jpg (21184 bytes)

MugThreesome.jpg (32856 bytes)

I love you red mug


  Mug & Chocolates for Lovers - $14.50

  Our trio of On Your Knees, Kissing Couple and Shaggin'.  5 ounces of chocolate couples and three milk chocolate foil hearts, Poly bagged, tied with ribbon.  Mug designs vary.  Available in standard mug (no design choice) or I Love You deluxe mug with inside message that says . . .with all of my heart.   Mixed couple adds 2.00 to order.


NaughtyCupid.JPG (9949 bytes)  Naughty Cupid - $3.75

   For your naughty angel.  Poly bag, tied with ribbon - 2 Ounces




   Heart On for You - $3.00

   1 Ounce, poly bagged and tied with ribbon.


   Chocolate Lip Box with Teenies - $9.99 ea.

   Teenies are a contrasting color.  Poly bag, tied with ribbon - 4.7 ounces


                                Style: Flavors:

EartYourHeartOut.jpg (27016 bytes)

   Eat Your Heart Out Heart Box - $8.59 ea.

   Penis or vagina surprise molded inside.  Poly bagged, tied with Ribbon - 4.7 ounces


                              Style: Flavors:

Boxofwillies.JPG (22139 bytes)   Teenies in Chocolate Heart Box - $10.00

   Teenies are contrasting color from box.  Poly bagged, tied with Ribbon - 4.7 ounces

   Style: Flavors:

HeartTeeniePeenies.JPG (10814 bytes)   Teenies in Large Heart Ornament - $7.00

   2.5 - 3 ounces, in ornament with bow, poly bagged, tied with ribbon.

     Style: Flavor:

5TeeniesHeart.jpg (22368 bytes)   Teenies in Small Heart Ornament - $4.00

   1.5 ounce, in ornament with bow, Poly bagged, tied with ribbon

      Style: Flavor: 

   Teenies in 'To Go' Pail - $9.99

   4 ounces in Chinese take out pail full of little snacks!  Comes with chopsticks and heart sticker.  Pictured is frosted pail.

   Flavors:  Pail color:

  Foil Wrapped Lip Lollipops & More




Naughty Valentine Cards to Accompany Your Naughty Gifts

More Valentine Chocolates




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