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Yellow Snow Candy

  Yellow Snow - $2.95

  They always say "Don't eat yellow snow."  Now you can.  Our crunchy lemon candy is sweet and tangy.  Great for stuffing stockings, a gag gift for dog lovers or winter sport enthusiasts.  2.5 ounce bag.   More Christmas Gag Gifts



The Tuggie

  The Tuggie - $10.50 - Sale! $8.59

  Snuggle up with the fuzzy sock that warms your cock! The original Tuggie is perfect for warming your morning-wood, hiding your afternoon boners, and disguising those all-day semis. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations—only the Tuggie keeps your hands-free and your junk covered anywhere you go! Ordinary tube socks work great but they look terrible! The stylish, leopard-print Tuggie wraps around your pleasure rod and sack, allowing you to let your stuff hang in any setting you can imagine. Wear it on the plane, in cold movie theaters, at the ball game, on vacation or to the beach--it doesn't matter, you still look and feel great  Click for Christmas Version


Whopping Willy Undies Long Penis Joke Briefs for Men

  Whopping Willy Undies - $10.00 - Sale! $7.59

  Are you man enough to wear these undies?  For the man who's got it in all the right places.  Once size fits most.  Package design may vary.  Click for Christmas Version   Click for Gay Pride Version


DickyFishingLure.jpg (22578 bytes)

Booby Fishing Lure.jpg (28904 bytes)   Dickey & Booby Fishing Lure - $4.00 - Sale! $3.50 ea

   Guaranteed to land the big one!   More Boobie Prizes & Novelties

   Pecker Novelties, Prizes, Soaps, Pens, etc.


X Rated Fortune Cookies   X-Rated Fortune Cookies - $6.00 - Sale! $4.90

   Ask your waiter to substitute these to shock your date or guests!  Approximately 6 per box.  Some sayings may include:  You are going to get lucky tonight; If you think you feel good, wait 'till you feel me; Your lucky number today is 69-69-69; etc.  More fortune cookie styles.


Chocolate V Pills

   Of course they have no drug effects, but what chocolate does for you is a different story!  Gift boxed, tied with ribbon.  3 ounces.  Requires cooler pack in warm weather.  More Chocolate Gag Gifts 



Chocolate Poop   Crapola Chocolate Poop - $5.00

   4.4 ounces, Cello bag, tied with ribbon.  Requires cooler pack in warm weather.  More Chocolate Gag Gifts



See our whole line of Christmas Crap, Santa Poop, Reindeer and Caribou Poo.



Voodoo You Love Book and Kit   Voodoo You Love Book & Kit - $7.95

   The black magic guide to getting lucky, getting even and getting over it.  Find a date, improve your mate, change your fate?  Take control of your love life with some psychic insurance and a little stick-to-itiveness.  Try this instead of relying on fate, cupid or a divorce attorney.  Whether you'd like to work out your revenge or need help getting someone's heart fluttering, you'll find everything you need with tihs.  Has 80 page illustrated Voodoo You Love? book, 1 two-sided male/female voodoo doll and eight pins.


Bad Husband Voodoo Doll

Ex Husband Voodoo Doll

  Ex Husband & Bad Girlfriend Voodoo Dolls - $13.00 - Sale! $7.99 ea.

  Whenever you feel that your husband is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put him back in line. Stick the pin into the activity that you want your target of revenge to do, and instantly he/she will turn back into the same caring person who convinced you to marry him/her in the first place.  Has funny sayings,   About 10" tall.


Bad Boss Voodoo Doll

  Bad Boss Voodoo Doll - $13.00 - Sale! $7.99

 Whenever you feel that certain someone is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put that person back in line. Stick a pin into the activity that you want them to do, and instantly you'll start getting the respect you deserve!About 10" tall.  Bad Boyfriend, Bad Girlfriend, Ex Husband and New Wife Voodoo Dolls


Blow Job Bib   Blow Job Bib - $3.00

  A fun way to dress up the party person when they blow out the birthday candles on their cake.  Keeps cake frosting and spilled drinks off of clothing too.  Great to keep on hand for discreet office affairs, quickie in the car, a funny gift for someone going on a job interview . . . the gift ideas are limitless!


Party Survival Bachelor Cap

  Party Survival Baseball Cap - $13.00

   Perfect for bachelor's last night out, birthday boys, Spring Break, Mardi Gras, college frat party, etc.  Adjustable blue cap.


   Stick It Pads - $1.99 ea.

   50 removeable sticky notes.  Pink boobs, pink penis or the finer in yellow.





Enromex Joke Condom Extra Large    Enormex Condom - $5.00 Sale! $4.09 ea.

    Super Size for a Super guy!  4" diameter.  To ensure maximum protection from conception, this product has been rigorously testes on an African bull elephant before being rinsed out, re-rolled and packaged.  (Just kidding!)  Adult novelty joke condom.  Sold by the each.


  Funny Candy Vibes





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