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Party Games for 2 or More & X-Rated Playing Cards

Drinking Games     Adult Birthday Party

Click on photo for detail - No wholesale on this page.

  Kiss and Tell - $23.00 Sale! $19.99

  Players earn points by drawing one of the 125 storyline and scenario cards and then must elaborate to create the sexiest, silliest, and steamiest erotic tales they can dream up. Opponents can steal points and cards from other players or forcing them to change the plots and characters of their tales mid-story by using Twist Cards. Great for the creative minds and guaranteed to be hilarious fun!  Includes: 120 game cards, 50 game tokens, and game instructions.


  Cursed! Game of Revenge - $23.00 Sale! $15.99

  Cursed! is the hilarious card and voodoo doll game that allows you to take out all of life's little mishaps on the other players. You become a voodoo enthusiast by placing curse after curse on players who deserve them the most. The object is to end the game with the fewest pins in your doll. Includes 4 dolls, 40 pins, 112 cards and instructions.


   Dirty Dominoes - $14.95 Sale! $12.99

   Includes 28 naughty dominoes and rules for 9 Dirty Domino games.  9 naughty word strategy games where you match similar ends of dirty dominoes to each other or you make dirty words.  Got Rug-Cheese?  You win!  Got an Ass-Face? You win again!  Dirty Dominoes can be played with 1 to 8 players.


  Party Truth or Dare - $13.80 Sale! $11.99

    For 4 or more players.  Find out your friends' darkest secrets or dare them to do something you've always wanted to watch them them do.  Simply roll the die - even number -  you pick a truth card, odd number- you pick a dare card.  This fun and exciting game is only limited by your inhibitions.  1 deck of truth and dare cards, 12 pass along cards, instructions and one die.


                              Special order.

   Dirty Minds - $24.49 Sale! $20.49

  New low price!  The game of naughty clues for two or more, but with twice as much fun as the game above.  Filthy clues point toward the most innocent of answers.  Nothing is as dirty as it seems!  912 naughty clues, 304 clean answers, 50 game cards, 4 puzzle booklets & 4 pencils.

                            Special Order

   Deluxe Dirty Minds - $31.99 Sale! $29.39

  15th Anniversary Edition!  An all new deluxe & expanded collection of dirty clues and clean answers, along with other completely new categories played on a game board.  Included are:   906 Naughty Clues, 302 Clean Answers, 100 Game Cards, 4 Puzzle Booklets, 4 Pencils, 4 Markers, Dice and Board Game.

                           Out of Stock

Ultimate Dirty Minds Game   Ultimate Dirty Minds - $33.99 Sale! $29.99

  Dirty Minds 15th anniversary of the world's cleanest dirty game. If you are the type of person who hates when someone finds a dirty reference in everything you say, Dirty Minds is the game for you! The dirtier your thoughts, the worse off in the game you will be. The game has dirty clues that all have clean answers. Just read the clues out loud and let the group try to find the cleanest answer. Dirty Minds is for two or more adults and will provide you with hours of filthy laughter leading to a clean end. The deluxe version includes 906 dirty clues, 302 clean answers, 100 game cards, 4 puzzle booklets, 4 pencils, 4 markers, dice, and a game board. All new and even more outrageous than the original game!

                           Special Order

Boobs Playing Cards Ozze Bachelor Games

Pecker Playing Cards Penis Bachelorette Deck of Cards   Boobs or Pecker Playing Cards - $5.75 Sale $4.99


  Pecker Playing Cards are hilarious cards and are a must for the pecker enthusiast in your life! Of course they are fun to play with and they make a wonderful gift too!  Have the breast time with the Boobs Playing Cards. This funny boob-themed deck has 52 different hilarious boobie illustrations to make any card game that much more fun.



Sex and Mischief Bondage Playing Cards

   Sex and Mischief Bondage Playing Cards - $4.50 Sale $3.50


  Sex & Mischief S&M Risqué Playing Cards. 52 playing cards with a different, sexy S&M image on every single card - game night has just become more erotic.



Ozze Wild Cards Cartoon Nude

   Wild Playing Cards - $6.00 Sale $5.50

  Funny playing cards with boobs, balls, butts and dicks that replace aces, clubs, hearts and diamonds. 



PinBoobsBabe.jpg (32254 bytes)  Pin the Naughty Parts on the Person - $12.00 Sale! $9.99

  Hilarious and fun for everyone!  Lots of stick-ons to play with.  Models may vary.

                             Don't Forget the Blindfolds     More Pin the Parts Games



  Party Girl Mad Libs - $4.25

  Who doesn’t remember sitting with a friend during recess and filling in the blanks with silly or even forbidden words? Well, just like you, your favorite childhood word game has grown up and is ready to party with the big boys and girls! Adult Mad Libs addresses all those ridiculous topics that we take much too seriously and puts them into proper perspective.  2 - 100 players.


     Out of Stock

   Nudie Doodle Pads - $2.50 ea.

   Let your imagination run wild!  Available in couples as shown or fill in the blank for a guy or fill in the bits for a gal





0Truth or Dare Poker - $6.50 Sale! $5.95 ea.

  Get everyone in the party to complete 50 crazy dares for points.  The higher the points, the naughtier the dares.  Great for bar-hopping, Spring Break, college parties, etc.



  That's Disgusting! - $13.00 Sale! $9.99

  The hilarious drinking game where you and your friends attempt to OUT GROSS each other. Four gruesome categories and over 400 disgusting actions! Ham it up by doing overacted impersonations, name items that fit into vulgar categories, judge your friends in their efforts to gross each other out, and much, much more!!! Packaged in a dog poop shaped tin.



PeckerPinata.jpg (28745 bytes)   Pecker Piñatas

  Click here for lots of penis piñatas, blindfolds, loot bags and candy.


   Adult Candy & Treat Mix



  Peter Pecker Doll & Game

 Pecker Games




  Click here for Bachelorette Games

  Click Here for Bachelor Games


Over the Hill Games

Games for Lovers - One on One

Games with Massage Oils

Lover's & Oral Sex Dice

Bachelorette or Gay Party Games

Bachelor or Lesbian Party Games

Click Here for Kama Sutra to Enhance Your Intimate Fun!

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