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Divorce Party Gifts and Cards for Her

Click for Divorce Gifts & Cards For Him


Click on photos for detail

Happy Divorce Chocolate Bar   Happy Divorce Chocolate Bar - $8.50

   A huge piece of chocolate to make anyone smile during the worst of times.  Gift boxed, tied with stretch ribbon, 6 ounces.  Requires cooler pack during warm months.


Bandaged Heart Chocolate   Bandaged Heart Lollipop - $2.50

   A nice chocolate gift to anyone who is recovering from a broken heart.  Poly bag, tied with ribbon, 1 oz.  Requires cooler pack during warm months.


Stepped on heart chocolate lollipop   Trampled Heart Lollipop - $2.50

   A nice chocolate gift to anyone who is recovering from a stepped on or broken heart.  Poly bag, tied with ribbon, 1 oz. 


  Divorced Diva Cake Topper - $5.25

  Celebrate your freedom with a little comic relief.  Approx. 5" tall, made of resin.



  Divorced Diva Dart Board - $4.25

  Place the ex-husband's photo on the bullseye and give everyone a shot at him!  2 magnetic darts included.



  Divorced Diva Ex Husband Pinata - $5.25

  Fun game to put lots of fun treats in.  Pull tabs after shouting out insults about the ex and maybe some surprises will come out of the box!  Put ex's picture of his face and beat the crap out of it!  Click here for piñata candy and fillings.


Unwelcome Door Mat Divorced Diva

  Divorced Diva Un-Welcome Doormat - $9.25

  Walk all over your ex!  The hysterically fun Divorced Diva Door Mat allows you to slip a photo of her ex-husband into place and then all your friends can wipe their feet all over him. Hilarious as a gag gift!



  Divorced Diva Cap - $5.25

  Black adjustable cap.



  Blinking LED Just Divorced Sash - $8.99

  Black satin, one size with 5 LED lights.


    Out of Stock

  Divorced Diva Flashing Sash - $9.00

  Place the ex-husband's photo on the bullseye and give everyone a shot at him!  2 magnetic darts included.



  Divorced Diva Party Necklace - $1.99

  Fun, colorful and decorative.  She'll get noticed as the newly single gal!


    Out of Stock

  Inflatable Husband - $15.00 Sale! $13.00

   Cute redhead with black trunks and hairy bare-chested.  Your friends will love him, your parents will approve, never argues, never touches a TV remote, doesn't like football, never breaks wind and won't run off with your best friend or neighbor's wife.  About 3 feet tall.  Click here for more inflatable husbands and male blow up dolls.



Ex Husband Voodoo doll

  Ex Husband Voodoo Doll - $13.00 - Sale! $7.99

  Front of the doll: Screw your prenup!, Send my alimony, You take the kids, Give me more money, I want ALL!...not half, You pay the mortgage, Quit showing up to PTA meetings drunk!, Get your clothes off the lawn!, Admit you're wrong, stop lying about your affairs!, You pay all the legal fees, Get out of the house!, I get the car.  Back of the doll: I want the child support, Quit hiding assets, Leave me alone, Stop yelling at me, No visitation rights, You're paying the medical bills, You will be alone and never love again, You pay off the credit cards, Stop your lawyer from calling me, Give me back your ring, Pay off those back taxes, I get the house.  Includes: one voodoo doll with 25 and 10 pins


  Black Long Stem Chocolate Rose

   Wrapped in black foil atop a long stem with silk leaves. - .75 ounces.   Requires cooler pack shipping for destinations 72+ degrees.

       Singles - $3.50 ea.

       1 Dozen - $39.90

       36 bulk - $113.40

  Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - Heard about your divorce

  Inside - No wonder they threw minute rice at your wedding



  Divorce Card - $2.95

   Outside - I prefer hangovers over husbands.

  Inside - At least, hangovers eventually go away.  Cheers on your divorce!



  Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - Ran into my ex . . . put it in reverse and hit him again

  Inside - Congratulations on your divorce. Now your life will be a smooth ride.




  Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - My best divorce advice:  you get the ring . . .

  Inside - . . .  He gets the finger!



  Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - Congratulations on your divorce!  You got him by the balls!

  Inside - Now enjoy using them as maracas.  Cha Cha Cha



  Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - You don't have one card that says Fuck You and Die!

  Inside - Hope this card brings a smile to your face during your divorce.



  Breakup/Divorce Card - $2.95

  Outside - I'm a Marvelous Housekeeper.

  Inside - Every time I leave a man I keep his house.



  Divorce Cards and Gifts for Him



If you didn't see an item that you wanted, call or EMAIL us with your request.

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