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Golf Chocolates & Partyware

Click Here for Naughty Golf Gag Gifts


Click on photos to enlarge for detail.  Quantity Discounts are available.

Deluxe golf party pack chocolatesGolf Retirement Party Pack   Deluxe Golf Party Pack - Tableware and Chocolates in Big Golf Tub

   Fun 8" wide by 10" high tin golf themed tub with red plastic lid is packed with lots goodies to start a party for 8 - 16 people.  Party for 8 contains:  8 golf ball lollipops, 8 golf club lollipops, box of 3 solid golf balls, napkins, plates, cups, golf confetti, wooden golf tees and a novelty shot glass necklace.  Party for 16 contains the same, just twice the amount of plates, napkins, cups, chocolate golf ball lollipops and clubs.  Choose from standard or retirement theme.  Contact us if you want any kind of customization.  Party for 8 is valued at 63.00 and party for 16 is valued at 103.85.  Use the tub as an ice bin or for snacks.


golf chocolates   Golf Chocolates

   Golf themed sugar lay-ons decorate chocolates in your choice of flavor in plain, with roasted almonds or with a caramel center.  Each piece is 1.25 in, .7 oz and packed in a gold bottom, clear top gift box tied with stretch ribbon.  Lay-ons may vary.


   Golf Scene Lollipop - $2.50

   Wonderful detail of a player hitting the ball.  2 1/4", .6 Ounce, poly bag, tied with ribbon.


Golf ball chocolates on a tee   Golf Ball on Chocolate Tee Lollipop - $2.25

   1.5" diam., 5" long with stick, .9 Ounce, poly bag, tied with ribbon.



Chocolate Golf Ball Lollipop   Chocolate Golf Ball Lollipop - $2.25

   1.5" diam., 5" long with stick, .8 Ounce, poly bag, tied with ribbon.



Chocolate golf bag lollipop   Chocolate Golf Bag Lollipop - $2.75 ea.

   2.5 x 5", 8.5" with stick, 1.2 ounces, poly bag, tied with ribbon.



chocolate golf bag pop   Small Golf Bag Lollipop - $2.25 ea.   

  1.5 x 3", 6.5" with stick, .9 ounces, poly bag, tied with ribbon.




Chocolate Golf Clubs    Golf Club Lollipops

   .2 oz. ea., poly bag, tied with ribbon.  Set of 6 are packaged two per bag.



Chocolate golf BagChocolateGolf Bag Box

  Golf Bag 'Box' - $8.99

   This clever little chocolate golf bag has a lid that lifts off and holds two chocolate golf club lollipops.




  Red Golf Bag & Chocolate Golf Clubs - $3.59

   Three chocolate golf clubs inside a cute little red vinyl golf bag.  .5 oz.  Gift bagged, tied with ribbonl



    Golfer Boy Lollipop - $3.50

   3.5 inches, 1.2 oz., poly bag, tied with ribbon..


Gold Chocolate Golf Balls

Golden Golf Balls Chocolate

  Life Size Gold Dusted Milk Chocolate Golf Balls

   Actually the size of a real golf ball and are dimpled, so they look pretty real.  Approx. 1.5" diameter, solid 1.5 oz ea.  Several packages available. 


                             1 Ball in Clear or White Gift Box - $3.75

                             3 Balls in Gift Box - $7.75

                             12 Bulk Packed - $39.99

Milk Chocolate Golf Balls

Life size chocolate golf balls  Life Size Solid Whole & Half Chocolate Golf Balls

  Our own solid golf balls.  These have no foil wrapping.  Available in 3 pack with gold or white gift box, tied with stretch ribbon in gold, green, silver, purple or red.  Available singly in a white gift box with ribbon color of your choice.  Also available in bulk boxes so that you may package them as you please.  1.33 ounces ea.  Size of an actual golf ball.  1/2 balls are great for cupcakes and cakes.  Quantity discounts available.  Not Kosher.

Chocolate Golf Ball Favors

  3 Pack Single Flavors - $6.25   

  3 Pack One Milk, White & Dark Boxed Together - $7.00

12 Balls Individually Bagged - $24.00  5% off 10 dz+
  12 Balls Individually Gift Boxed - $29.00  5% off 10 dz+

  12 Balls Bulk Boxed - $23.00  10% off 10 boxes

  24 Half Balls Bulk Boxed - $22.00  10% off 10 boxes

Mini Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Golf Balls

  Mini Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Golf Balls

   Foil wrapped mini milk chocolate balls.  Available poly bagged with ribbon or in bulk.  (Approximately 75 pcs. per pound, about the size of a marble) Kosher OUD.  IMPORTANT CASE SHIPPING INFO



  Mini Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Golf Balls in Golf Ball Box - $2.00

   Contains 2 ounces of foil wrapped mini milk chocolate picture of and balls described above.  Three inch box is shown empty so you can see the detail in it.  Approx. 10 pcs.  No ribbon.  Kosher OUD.



Giant Chocolate Golf Ball    Giant Golf Ball - $4.50 ea.

   3" wide by 1.5" tall, flat back, 4.5 oz., or full 9 oz 3D ball, poly bagged, tied with ribbon.


Chocolate golf Set   Chocolate Golf Set - $8.99

   Chocolate golf bag, three golf ball halves and a real wood tee , gift boxed as shown with stretch ribbon.


golfer's survial kit

   Golfer's Survival Kit - $15.00 Sale! $11.99

   This really fun and funny gift kit has everything a golfer needs to make his or her party fun.  Includes an acrylic key chain that says "It takes hard balls to be a good golfer!", car sign that says "I golf, therefore I am not here", air freshener with freshly mowed grass scent, gold tones golf tee, official golf fanatic's parking permit and lost ball locater lenses.  10.5 x 11.5" gift pack.


Golfers Shot Glass Set   Golfer's Shot Glass Set - $5.00 Sale! $3.50

   Three plastic shots that say:  I Golf, Therefore I Am Not Here.  Don't Drink and Drive! (with guy taking a shot).  Best Shot of the Day (picture of 19th hole).  Gift packaged.



Golf Party Invtiations

   Golf Party Invitations - $5.00 Sale! $4.25

   8 invitations and 8 envelopes packaged in acetate box.  5 x 6.25"



golf cocktail napkins

  Golf Tableware

   Cocktail napkins have 16 pieces per pack.  Cups and appetizer plates have 8 pieces per pack.

golf plates

golf drinking cups





golf confetti golfetti

   Golf Confetti - $3.60

   Golfetti has lots of shiny mylar tees and sprinkles with white golf balls.

   1 pack left

All lollipops and chocolates are flat backed unless otherwise stated.

Click Here for Naughty Golf Gag Gifts

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If you didn't see an item that you wanted, call or EMAIL us with your request.

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